Here is everything you need to know about reporting existing damage on a DriveNow car and what you should do in the event of an accident. Assessing existing damage:
Noticed a scratch or dent on the BMW or MINI you've reserved? The DriveNow app lets you see whether the damage on the car is new or not, and allows you to report the damage if it's new. After reserving a car, just click on ‘Check Damages’ in the app to see a list of the damages which have already been reported. You’ll also be able to get a more detailed view by clicking on ‘Pictures’, then click on each blue dot to get a detailed description about the damage/s.   By checking the app on your way to the car, you'll have a good idea of what to look for when you reach your car. Once you arrive at the car, take a glance at all of the curves of your BMW or MINI and if there aren’t any new damages to report, then you're ready to drive.   Reporting new damage:
What happens if that you notice a new damage to your DriveNow car which hasn't been reported? Call our customer service team in the app on 0207 018 8269 by clicking on ‘Report New Damage’. You can always report new scratches or dents by phone – and we'll make a note that you're not responsible for the damage. At the end of the call, simply hang up and off you go! What to do in the event of an accident in a DriveNow car:
What happens if you've scraped the wheel along the kerb, bumped into another vehicle while parking or have been involved in an accident? Depending on the seriousness of the accident, there are statutory regulations that you need to follow, as well as requirements from the insurance company.
If you've damaged the bodywork, or notice small damage to wheel rims, windows or similar, all you need to do is call our customer service team on 0207 018 8269 through the app and we'll make a note of the new damage.
If there are other drivers involved or if someone has been injured, please call the police immediately. You'll find our accident pamphlet in the DriveNow car which outlines the most important steps in the case of an accident, but here's a quick summary of what to do: - Make sure that everyone is OK. If anyone is injured, call the emergency services on 999.
- Check that the vehicles are not blocking the road. If they are, call the emergency services.
- Once you are sure that everyone is safe, call the DriveNow damage hotline on 0207 018 8269 or Call using the app.
- Please provide us with the vehicle registration number so we can locate the car.
- We’ll take care of everything else. What does an accident in a DriveNow car cost?
All of our cars are insured with third-party insurance, as well as comprehensive cover and theft protection. Every time you use a DriveNow car, you’ll have the option to reduce your excess for only £1. This Collision Damage Waiver reduces your excess to £350 from £750 in the event of an accident which you have caused. If the damages are under £350 you will only be charged for the amount of the damages and the maximum you will have to pay is £350*. If you did not cause the accident, we will sort it out like any standard car insurance matter. *You must meet our terms and conditions i.e. an accident caused while driving under the influence will have a different outcome.