All of our cars are insured with third-party insurance, as well as comprehensive cover and theft protection. Every time you use a DriveNow car, you’ll have the option to reduce your excess for only £1. This Collision Damage Waiver reduces your excess to £350 from £750 in the event of an accident or damage which you have caused. This means that if the damages are under £350 you will only be charged for the amount of the damages and the maximum you will have to pay is £350*. If you did not cause the accident, we will sort it out like any standard car insurance matter. How do I reduce the excess?

After finding and reserving a car in the app, you’ll be able to pre-plan your journey. Just tap on the Reduce your excess option, confirm, and the Collision Damage Waiver will be locked in. If you take a car spontaneously by swiping your customer card on the window reader (and don’t reserve the car through the app), you will need to choose your trip options before starting the car. You can reduce your excess by choosing Book Collision Damage Waiver on the in-car screen with the iDrive controller. The £1 Collision Damage Waiver will be added to your invoice after your trip, and you’ll be able to view this in the DriveNow app under My Trips. View the full details about insurance with DriveNow in our terms and conditions under Clause 11. *You must meet our terms and conditions i.e. an accident caused while driving under the influence will have a different outcome.