One of the main features that makes DriveNow Car Club so convenient is parking. Being a flexible car sharing service, our members can pick up and drop off a BMW or MINI from anywhere within the DriveNow Zone at any time. There’s no need to return the car to a designated car club bay like traditional car sharing services. We all hate seeing that parking ticket on the car window so we’ve put together a list of DriveNow Car Club parking rules to help you avoid getting a PCN during or after your DriveNow trip. To end your rental, find a suitable car park (see below) within the DriveNow Zone. Park the car, make sure all your belongings are with you, and lock the car behind you using the DriveNow app or by swiping your customer card on the front window reader. You won’t be able to end your rental outside of the DriveNow Zone though. If you do venture across town or out to the countryside with a daily package and need to park the car temporarily, just park & get out of the car, then choose ‘Park & Keep’ on the main app screen. This will lock the car automatically and your rental will continue so you can do your shopping, catch up with friends or take a walk through the park. You’ll pay a reduced rate during your rental of 19p/minute while the car is parked on ‘Park & Keep’. If you park the car on Park & Keep mode in the DriveNow Zone and then decide you no longer want to continue the rental, you can choose 'End Rental' in the app (even if you're away from the car), which will finish your rental. Find out more. Where can I park for free?
You can park for free within the DriveNow Zone in any residents' or pay and display parking bay. You can also park for free in any bay which has white lines (indicating on-street parking). You can end your rental in any of these parking bays.
In the Westminster Zone, the parking guidelines are slightly different. You can park a DriveNow in a pay and display bay, dual use bay or white lines bay, but not in a resident permit holders only bay. In a bay with a single yellow line or in a loading bay, you’ll need to follow the regulations on the parking sign. Usually it will have a time limit or time frame of when you can and can’t park there which means you usually can’t end your rental in these bays. Instead, you’ll be able to park temporarily on ‘Park & Keep’. When do I need to pay for parking?
Outside of the DriveNow Zone, your DriveNow car works just like any normal car when parking. If the parking bay requires a parking ticket, you’ll need to buy one from the ticket machine. Where can’t I park?
You can’t park a DriveNow car at any time in a double yellow lines parking bay, estate parking, private parking bays, business permit only bays, suspended parking bays, disabled parking bays, designated car club only bays and doctor permit only bays. The map in the DriveNow app and on the in-car screen also displays ‘red routes’ within the DriveNow Zone where you’re not allowed to park. What about the electric cars?
Our all-electric BMW i3 falls under all of the parking regulations above. In addition, you can only park a BMW i3 or end your rental in an electric charging bay if the car is put on charge. Parked electric cars in a charging bay not put on charge will incur a Penalty Charge Notice from the local Council. We hope this helps, check out our Parking Guidelines table on the website.