Not sure if you’ll be able to fit into that parking space? Why not let the BMW i3 decide whether it can, while you just sit back and watch the car park itself?! If you've reached your destination in your all-electric DriveNow BMW i3 and spotted a parking space, you can simply sit back and let it happen while the i3’s automatic Parking Assistant takes over. When you activate the Parking Assistant, not only does the car check whether the gap on the side of the road is large enough, it also steers you into the space all by itself. How does the BMW i3 Parking Assistant work?
- When you're driving along a street looking for a car parking space, activate the Parking Assistant by pushing the 'P' button in the central console of your BMW i3.
- Drive past a parking space slowly (20 mi/h). The Parking Assistant will display a message on the in-car screen that tells you to stop when the parking space is big enough.
- Once you've stopped, switch the indicator on so that the car knows it can start to park.
- Take your hands off the wheel, press the 'P' button in the central console again, take your foot off the brake and the BMW i3 Parking Assistant will slot you into the gap.
- The in-car screen will display a message once the car has finished parking.
- All that's left for you to do now is pull the handbrake on and switch the BMW i3 off. Parking's never been easier! Why not put the Parking Assistant to the test today?