DriveNow is one of the most convenient and flexible ways of getting around but we know parking in London can sometimes be an issue. So we’ve introduced Handshake – DriveNow cars can easily be handed over to the next driver at the end of your rental, so you don’t need to look for a parking bay. Find out how Handshake works below. If you're the current driver:

  1. In the DriveNow app, find and reserve your car, enter your destination and select ‘Offer car at destination’ (Handshake).
  2. The car screen will notify you as soon as another person has accepted to take over the car at your destination.
  3. Once you reach your destination, stop the engine and – if the next driver is there – select Hand Over in the app.
  4. Your rental ends once the next driver has selected Take Over in the app and the exchange has been successful.

If you're the next driver:

  1. The app will show if a car is available with Handshake and will mark its current location with an arrow icon. Select the car and you’ll be able to see the driver's estimated time of arrival.
  2. Reserve the car and the driver's final destination will be marked on the app with a flag. You’ll be able to follow the car's arrival with the moving arrow icon.
  3. Found the driver of the car you've reserved? Wait until they’ve selected Hand Over, then choose Take over in the app. The Handshake is now complete!
  4. Jump in and make yourself comfortable. Your rental begins – as usual – as soon as you enter your PIN.

Some important information to know:

  • Handshake will only be an option if the destination entered is in the DriveNow Zone, excluding London City Airport.
  • Rental end for the current driver and transfer of liability occurs once the next driver selects Take Over in the app and the exchange is confirmed in the app.
  • The next driver doesn’t start paying until they have started their rental after entering their PIN.
  • The next driver should still check the vehicle for damages before starting the rental and contact our customer service team if there are any.
  • If the car is Handshake reserved but the current driver ends the rental, the next driver will have a standard free 15 minute reservation on the car afterwards (only if the car is dropped within a radius of 300m around expected destination).
  • If the next driver cancels or doesn’t show up, the current driver will need to search for parking at his/her destination.
  • If the driver cancels the route guidance and thus, Handshake, the next driver is informed and can look for another car.