DriveNow has 130 all-electric BMW i3 vehicles in the London fleet. There are lots of features that make the BMW i3 different from our other models, but it’s always just as fun to drive! It’s silent, has zero emissions and is free from the Congestion Charge Zone at all times. Choosing your BMW i3:
The BMW i3 is fully electric, meaning it’s powered by a rechargeable battery. Our fleet team tries to ensure the cars are fully charged but just double check the battery level of the car in the app before reserving it. It will need to have enough battery to get you to your destination. You can take a DriveNow BMW i3 by the minute or with a 2, 3, 4 or 6 hour package. With the longer packages, try to find a BMW i3 that’s close to fully charged, otherwise you may need to charge it during your trip.

Find and reserve a BMW i3 in the DriveNow app

In the BMW i3:
The iDrive console is located between the passenger and driver’s seats – use this to enter your PIN on the in-car screen before starting the engine.
The Start/Stop button is located behind the steering wheel on the right. Put your foot on the brake and push the button to start the engine.
The dashboard screen is behind the steering wheel and displays the speed, battery level, exterior temperature etc. The front seats are positioned higher than other models, and the car has 4 seatbelts – there’s no seatbelt back middle
The BMW i3 has coach doors, so the front doors open as usual while the back doors open in the opposite direction. The back doors need to be closed in order to shut the front.

Inside a DriveNow BMW i3

Driving the BMW i3:
The automatic gear stick is located behind the steering wheel to the right (with the start/stop button).
Drive: Push forward away from you
Reverse: Pull towards you
Park: Push the P button The BMW i3 has instant movement and feels like you’re taking off quickly when you put your foot on the accelerator. The car also has a smaller turning circle so you’ll turn faster.
When you take your foot off the accelerator, the car will start braking by itself. It’s different, but fun, and you get used to it quickly! This feature also uses the energy created to recharge the battery a little. Charging the BMW i3:
If the battery level of your DriveNow BMW i3 is at or below 25%, you can earn 20 bonus driving minutes when you charge the car in a Source London charge point.
Find a Source London charge point you can use, inside and outside the DriveNow Zone, in the app or on the in-car screen.
It takes about 4 hours to fully charge a BMW i3 from 0% to 100% so make sure you choose the right car for your journey.
Find out how to charge the BMW i3 here.

Charging a DriveNow BMW i3

Parking the BMW i3:
It’s easy to reverse and parallel park as the car turns smoothly, plus the parking sensors and reversing camera can help you out. If you doubt your parking skills though, choose the Park Assist feature and the car will park itself! More tips for the BMW i3:

  • Unlike petrol cars, the BMW i3 doesn’t exaggerate about its range. If the battery level says 12 miles remaining, there is definitely only 12 miles remaining!
  • Having the heating and air conditioning on uses the battery power, which can reduce it by almost half. So if you’ve taken an hourly package or the car has a low battery level, try not to use these.
  • Turn on Eco Pro or Eco Pro+ mode to improve the range of the car. Eco Pro+ limits the top speed to 56mph. The button is beside the iDrive console.

And one more thing. The BMW i3 has been purpose built to be an electric car. It’s sleek, mobile and super cool. We’re sure you’ll love it.