The next time you have a super early flight from London City Airport or have too much luggage when you come back from holiday, there’s no need to worry because DriveNow can help make your trip to and from the airport stress free. London City Airport is part of the DriveNow Zone which means you can pick up and drop off our BMW and MINI vehicles without worrying about paying for parking! There is just a small £2.50 service fee each time. The airport is currently undergoing some exciting changes which means from Saturday 28th April 2018 the DriveNow parking bays will now be in a different area in the on-site parking.

DriveNow parking at London City Airport

Note that the parking is one way so when you enter the car park, you will need to drive to the end of the lane and then come back on yourself towards the exit, before turning left to the DriveNow spaces. With Drive’n Fly you can take a DriveNow from the DriveNow Zone and drive straight to London City Airport, parking the car 5 minutes’ walk from the terminal building. And there’s no need to pay for parking while you’re away – making it easier on the wallet!
Then when you land at London City Airport, reserve a car using the DriveNow app while waiting at luggage claim, walk to the car, avoid the crowds, and drive home fresh and relaxed. Not sure how to get to London City Airport?
Enter ‘London City Airport’ in the DriveNow app after reserving a car. The car will automatically display the route on the navigation system when you get in the car. If you don’t use the app and get in the car with your customer card, you can choose ‘London City Airport’ with the iDrive controller after entering your PIN. Arriving at London City Airport
Simply follow the signs for London City Airport and then the signs for On-site Parking. When you arrive at the entrance to the car park, take the right hand lane towards On-site Parking. The car park barriers will open automatically – you don’t need to take a ticket from the machine. Once in the car park, drive to the end of the lane (one way system), then come back on yourself and turn left for the designated DriveNow bays which will have DriveNow signs. All you need to do is leave the car in one of the DriveNow bays and end your booking. Leaving London City Airport
When leaving the airport just follow the signs for On-site Parking. When you get to the car park (it’s only a 5 minute walk from the terminal building), turn right and look for the DriveNow signs indicating the designated DriveNow bays. When leaving the car park the barriers will open automatically – there’s no need to worry about a car park ticket. Note: If there aren't any bays available in the DriveNow parking area at the airport, please just park as close as you can and then end your rental. Enjoy your Drive’n Fly trip!