Is there a better feeling than driving around on a sunny day with that thrill of wind in your hair? In London, DriveNow offer stylish cream and black MINI Convertibles, which can easily be found in the app by using the filter. Jump in the car, let the sun in and enjoy a unique car sharing experience! If there’s a sunny forecast in sight, why not escape London for a few days? Save some money and book a daily package after selecting ‘Reserve’ in the app. You can choose between 2, 3 or 4 days!  For some inspiration about where to go, check out the guide to weekend car rental and DriveNow travel guides to Brighton, Cambridge, Oxford and Canterbury! In the DriveNow MINI Convertible, the top opens smoothly by using the button on the inside of the car and gives you that open air feeling in just 18 seconds – simply follow these steps:

  1. Unlock the MINI Convertible, enter your PIN and start the engine.
  2. Find the button above the rear-vision mirror, which has convertible car icon on it.  Pull the button and the roof of the car will open – make sure the hood is completely down before driving away.
  3. Time to put your shades on! You’re ready to drive off and enjoy the sun.
  4. To close the hood after, push the button and wait until the roof and windows are completely closed.
How to get the top down in a MINI Convertible

Having problems? Check the boot to make sure that no items are pushing up against the parcel shelf. The levers must also be secured down. For any other issues please get in touch with the service team and they’ll be able to help.