In London and many other cities, more and more companies and freelancers are choosing to base themselves in co-working spaces. We’re based in one ourselves and know that many of our customers choose to work this way too, with the trend set to continue. Flexibility is often one of the main drivers behind the decision to work this way and flexibility is the essence of DriveNow. Our BMWs and Minis are perfect for travelling between co-working spaces within North East London and further afield for work and meetings, making DriveNow the ideal partner for co-working spaces. To make this match even more convenient we have teamed up with latest team in the co-working space, NOMAD. They allow freelancers, entrepreneurs and corporates to book a workspace that suits them, for an amount of time that suits them, in a location that suits them, and all through an app or online. Through this partnership, DriveNow members are able to book a meeting room or desk for free, for an hour. To arrange this, drop an email to mentioning DriveNow in the subject line. NOMAD have relationships with coworking spaces throughout our business area, so make use of DriveNow’s flexibility and hold your next meeting at one of London’s best co-working spaces.