London Mayor, Sadiq Khan has released The Mayor’s Transport Strategy which is his vision for the future of transport in London. This is now in consultation which means you can contribute suggestions online. The Strategy aims to make London a fairer, cleaner, healthier and more prosperous city. By improving public transport services, it’s expected that Londoner’s will be less dependent on privately owned cars and will encourage them to walk, cycle and use public transport more. In the Strategy, Proposal 17 explains how The Mayor (through TfL) will work with boroughs to introduce car clubs into inner and outer London. This is a great start and hopefully it means you’ll have access to more DriveNow cars across London! London car club members have a lower carbon footprint, use more public transport, and are healthier than car owners. But the Mayor’s Transport Strategy doesn’t raise enough awareness of how great car club members are at giving up their vehicles and cycling, walking and using public transport instead. The 2016/17 CarPlus Annual Survey showed how DriveNow members:
- Improve air quality by reducing annual household mileage by 239 miles and driving vehicles that emit 29% less CO2
- Walk more. An increase of 6% of members walked more than 20 minutes at least once per week in 2016
- Love to cycle. 32% of members cycled at least once per week, which compares to 9% for other residents in our business area So what’s next? We want to see DriveNow cover more parts of London. You can help by telling the Mayor how great flexible car clubs are! Download and read the Mayor’s Transport Strategy draft here. You can respond to the Mayor’s Transport Strategy by answering the online survey by Monday 2 October. Question 9 is specific to car clubs and in the comments box you can write about the positive features of flexible car clubs. Examples are:
- I can use a car when I need to i.e. moving a heavy object, going for a weekend away
- Being a flexible car club member costs less than owning a car
- I can use it with other transport options like walking, cycling and the bus
- The cars are environmentally friendly Thanks for having your say!