James Kennedy makes bikes, very good bikes, that are perfect for the city — just like DriveNow. He also loves DriveNow, so we caught up with him about how he uses the service. “I use DriveNow at least twice a week. For me and my wife it makes no sense to own a car in London, but sometimes we need to move things between our home and our respective workshops that we can’t carry by bicycle, so we grab one of the cars that’s invariably within 50 yards of our home in De Beauvoir and move it that way. I keep a lot of bicycle frames for the business in our attic so it’s great to be able to chuck them in the boot and drive them up to Hackney Downs.  “For me the future of transport in cities like London just doesn’t include individual car ownership except in special cases. Bicycles seem like the obvious and most regular form of transport, but having a backup that can do some of the heavy lifting like DriveNow really completes our transport options. Plus if there’s at least two of you it’s usually cheaper than the bus or tube for getting around this part of town.”