1. Responsible parties
As the operator of this Facebook page, we (DriveNow GmbH and Co. KG) are the responsible party in the sense of Art. 4 No. 7 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) along with the operator of the Facebook social network (Facebook Ireland Ltd). When you visit our Facebook page, your personal data will be processed by the responsible parties. In the following we tell you which data are involved, how they are processed and what rights you have in this respect. As the responsible party for this page, we have concluded agreements with Facebook which, among other things, set out the conditions for using the Facebook page. The main provisions are the Facebook terms of service and the additional provisions at the end of these terms of service. 2. USE OF INSIGHTS AND COOKIES
In our operation of this Facebook page, we use the Insights function provided by Facebook to obtain anonymised statistical data relating to the users of our Facebook page. For this purpose, Facebook stores a cookie on users’ end devices when they visit our Facebook page. The cookie contains a unique user code and is active for a period of two years unless it is deleted beforehand. The user code can be linked with the data of those users who are registered with Facebook. The information stored in the cookies are received, recorded and processed by Facebook, particularly if the user visits the Facebook services, services provided by other members of the Facebook Group and services provided by other companies which use Facebook services. Furthermore, other bodies such as Facebook partners or even third parties can use cookies on Facebook services to provide services to companies advertising on Facebook. Further information about the use of cookies by Facebook is available in its Cookies Policy 3. AIMS OF THE PROCESSING
One of the aims of processing the information is to enable Facebook to improve its marketing system which it distributes through its network. It is also designed to enable us, the operator of the Facebook page, to obtain statistics which Facebook prepares on the basis of visits to our Facebook page. This is used to control the marketing of our activities. For example, it enables us to gain an understanding of the profiles of visitors who like our Facebook page or use applications on the page so that we can provide them with more relevant content and develop functions which could be of greater interest to them.  To enable us to understand how we can better reach our objectives with our Facebook page, demographic and geographic evaluations are also prepared on the basis of the recorded information and supplied to us. We can use this information to provide specific interest-based advertising without obtaining direct knowledge of the identity of the visitor. If visitors use Facebook on multiple devices, the data may be recorded and evaluated on all the devices if the visitors are registered users who have logged in using their own profile. The visitor statistics are only sent to us in anonymised form. We have no access to the data on which they are based. 4. LEGAL BASIS AND JUSTIFIED INTERESTS
We operate this Facebook page to present ourselves to Facebook users and other interested persons who visit our Facebook page and to communicate with them. The users' personal data are processed on the basis of our justified interests in an improved corporate image (Art. 6 paragraph 1 letter f of the GDPR). 5. SHARING DATA
It is conceivable that some of the recorded information is processed outside the European Union by Facebook Inc. based in the USA. Facebook Inc. is certified under the US-EU "Privacy Shield" data protection agreement and therefore undertakes to comply with the European data protection regulations. We do not share any personal data. 6. OBJECTIONS
Facebook users can use the Settings for ads preferences to affect how user behaviour may be recorded when they visit our Facebook page. Other ways of doing this include Facebook settings or the Form for submitting objections.
In addition, the processing of information using the cookies used by Facebook can be suppressed by not permitting cookies from third party providers or those from Facebook in your own browser settings. 7. NATURE OF JOINT RESPONSIBILITY
The agreements with Facebook relating to joint responsibility essentially state that enquiries for information and claims for other data subject rights should ideally be lodged direct with Facebook. As the provider of the social network and the facility to include Facebook pages in it, only Facebook has direct access to the required information and can also immediately take any required action and provide information. If our support is nevertheless required, we can be contacted at any time. 8. INFORMATION ABOUT CONTACTING US AND OTHER RIGHTS AS THE DATA SUBJECT
Further information about our contact details, the rights of data subjects in relation to us and how personal data are actually processed by us is available in the Privacy Policy on our website. Information about how Facebook handles personal data is available in its Privacy Policy.