Piers Rudgard-Redsell is the Content Director and Partner at The Honey Partnership, an award winning social creative agency in London, Amsterdam and San Francisco, which helps grow and globalise superbrands. Piers is a Creative with a background in design, and is a massive fan of DriveNow, using the service monthly for work as well as visiting family. The Honey Partnership uses DriveNow for film shoots and Piers will often take a DriveNow to pick up team members and camera equipment around London, then drive to the film location. Recently he took a BMW 1 Series with a team of 4 and film equipment to Longcross in Guildford, where they filmed 4x4 driving around a forest loop (not with the 1 Series sorry!). If he’s driving around London picking up equipment, Piers will usually choose to drive-by-the-minute but he’s found that the hourly packages are really convenient for longer work tasks in and outside of the city. Then it’s easy to just claim the invoices back on expenses.

Using DriveNow for business

Every now and then he’ll visit family in Kent for the weekend and won’t have planned ahead in terms of travel. There’s usually a DriveNow car outside his work near Old Street so he’ll just reserve it in the app and book a 2 or 3 day package, then drive out to the country. And it’s faster! Piers said it would normally take 2 hours on public transport door to door, but it’s an hour and 20 minutes with a DriveNow – much easier and faster. When asked what the best feature of DriveNow is, Piers had plenty of feedback: “It’s so convenient as I can just find a car in the app and then can unlock it with my customer card, then start the car straight away - I’ll plan my trip in the app if it’s more than a quick errand. DriveNow is much better than a usual car club where you have to find a car then return it to the same bay. You also don’t need to buy credit in advance or have your account topped up – just pay as you go. And then we’re rewarded with minutes to use which is great.” “My go-to car is the BMW 1 Series because it can fit all the camera equipment and team in, and it’s great to have the BMW logo included in Instagram footage for bragging rights! The BMW is fun and different to drive – you can just put your foot down and go.” If you think car sharing would be useful for your business, complete our online form and we'll be in touch!  Find out more about The Honey Partnership: