CarPlus are a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the shared transport sector and provides technical support, best practice guidance and practical advice to car clubs like DriveNow.  At the end of last year they conducted their 2016/17 Annual Survey, examining the car sharing habits of 4,000 Londoners. The flexible car club member survey was directed at over 1,100 DriveNow members to find out how and why they use DriveNow, attitudes towards electric vehicles and the impact of flexible car clubs on car ownership, purchasing and miles travelled. This is what they found out about all car clubs (flexible and round-trip): A rise in car club members in London is reducing the number of higher polluting vehicles on London roads, leading to less air pollution and a reduction in carbon emissions from cars. Car club vehicles typically emit 29% less CO2 than the national average car and having a car club membership reduces a Londoner’s transport carbon footprint by 73%. This is what they found out about flexible car clubs (DriveNow): For every DriveNow car, 10.5 privately owned cars are taken off the road. Long-term DriveNow members reduced their annual household car mileage travelled by 239 miles while new joiners reported a higher average decrease of 372 miles. Car Club membership reduces the need for purchasing private cars. 27% of respondents stated that they would have bought a private car if they hadn’t joined DriveNow. The average occupancy of a DriveNow car is 2.2 people compared to 1.6 for the average Londoner driving in a private car. When asked why they joined DriveNow, 67% of members surveyed said “to provide access to a car without the hassle of owning their own vehicle” and 59% said “to provide themselves with another travel option”. 3 in 5 respondents (60%) have used a DriveNow BMW i3 and for those who haven’t yet used one, 92% expressed an interest in doing so. (We’ve got 50 i3’s on the road – make sure you try an all-electric trip next time you take a DriveNow!). For the full CarPlus Annual Survey report, visit