On Thursday 15th June, the UK is holding its first ever National Clean Air Day with the aim of creating clean air for everyone. On the day, you can help make London’s air quality better by choosing to walk, cycle or drive electric! DriveNow London Car Club has made it easier by putting all of our BMW i3 cars on Drive’n Save at the 29p/minute rate - that’s a saving of 10p per minute! All you need to do on National Clean Air Day is find a BMW i3 in the app using the car filter, make sure the Drive’n Save % icon is on the car and click Reserve. You’ll be able to reserve a BMW i3 car at the Drive’n Save rate between 7am and 7pm. Other ways DriveNow have helped improve London’s air quality are: - For every 1 DriveNow car, 11 private cars are taken off the road
- All our cars have anti idling technology so the engine turns off when you stop
- Car club cars typically emit 29% less CO2 than the national average car So spread the word and get behind National Clean Air Day! Website: www.cleanairday.org.uk