You can reduce the costs of your fleet and employee travel, while easily managing all their journeys with one account. Create a DriveNow corporate account with pre-paid credit for your employees to use for their journeys in and outside of London. Your team will have access to a fleet of premium BMW and MINI vehicles, including the all-electric BMW i3, that are never more than 5 minutes walk away. Everything is included in the rental cost – parking, fuel, insurance and car tax. DriveNow currently offers four pre-paid credit options: £500, £1,000, £5,000 and £10,000. It’s easy to set up:

  1. Email and we’ll send you an application to create a corporate account.
  2. Order your pre-paid credit via your DriveNow Account Manager. The invoice will be emailed to you and can be paid within 7 days by bank transfer.
  3. If the credit runs low, DriveNow will automatically inform you about it.

Once your corporate account has been created, you’ll receive a link for your employees to join DriveNow. They can join for free and get 30 minutes driving time for their private account. For each business journey, the employee simply selects ‘Business Trip’ in the DriveNow app after reserving a car. The cost of the journey is then deducted from the corporate account credit. Employees can use the credit for our pay the minute driving option and also hourly or daily packages. After each trip, a receipt is sent to the central email address of the corporate account. It’s also possible to send the receipt to two different email address, suitable for larger companies. When the credit falls below 30%, you’ll automatically receive an email indicating the credit is almost due to be recharged. If an employee starts a journey and the credit is depleted, we’ll create an invoice for the used difference and send to the corporate account email address. For more information, please email and we will call you back.