If you have a meeting in town or you’re flying to another city on a business trip, you can count on getting to your appointment quickly and without hassle in a BMW or MINI from DriveNow. Business use is easy to manage and offers you and your company numerous benefits. When you set up a company account with DriveNow, employees are able to access hundreds of company cars across London and be flexible in travelling to their appointments. Plus, you won’t need to maintain a costly fleet of vehicles. Just fill in the enquiry form on our website, and we’ll get your account set up. We’ll send you a registration link for all employees who aren’t yet registered with DriveNow, so they can become a member. All they need to do is complete their registration online and then we’ll send them their customer card by post.  For large companies, we’re happy to organise an onsite event where employees can sign up and pick up their customer card directly. If you’re interested in this option, please email business_uk@drive-now.com It’s easy to expense DriveNow trips and when you set up a company account, you can choose between two billing options: Billing by company credit card

  1. The employee selects ‘business trip’ in the app after reserving a vehicle.
  2. Rental costs are charged to a centrally registered credit card.
  3. Invoice is sent to a central email address. With private trips, the company account is unaffected. 

Billing by travel expenses

  1. The employee selects ‘business trip’ in the app after reserving a vehicle.
  2. Rental costs are charged to the employee’s private payment method.
  3. Invoice will be made out to the company and sent to the employee’s private email address.
  4. Employee submits invoice under travel expenses.

Linking your private DriveNow account to your company account

If you are already registered with DriveNow, we can assign you to a company account that has already been set up. All you need to do is send an email to business_uk@drive-now.com. Once your enquiry has been processed, you’ll be able to decide between private and business use in the app.