DriveNow carsharing

Parking DriveNow - everything you need to know

  • One of the best features of DriveNow is that parking is included in the price. Parking DriveNow is easy, especially now when we collected all of the tips under one page!

    Let’s start with the basics: following these 4 steps, you can’t go wrong when parking DriveNow.

    You can end rental in the operating area


1. Residential parking spots in zones A-O. Found all around Helsinki


2. Parking spots marked with letter Z. Those spots are allowed to car sharing cars


3. Public parking spots without time limitation


4. DriveNow’s virtual parking houses, found in the app


DriveNow has virtual parking spots - what are they?

  • Virtual parking spots are sport, that are not part of residential parking, but otherwise allowed to DriveNow cars. They are often a result of collaboration or a special deal - e.g. Ikea and Pohjola Hospital allows DriveNow parking in their premises.

    You can find virtual parking spots from the app with a special icon (see picture). Always make sure you are parking as instructed. E.g. Kellosaarenranta’s parking concerns only spots with Z sign, and in Iso Omena you have to park your DriveNow car to parking hall 4. These special instructions are found in the app when clicking the icon.

Parking in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa

Parking outside operational area

DriveNow’s operational area means area, where you can start and end your rental. But don’t you worry, you can of course drive around and stop even outside the operational area! When doing so, you must choose “Park’n’Keep” from the app, instead of ending rental. Park’n’Keep costs 0.30€/min. When parking the car, you must always take care of the possible costs.

General parking rules

Other rules you must take into consideration when parking.

Multilevel or underground parking garages, or spots behind barriers: No parking allowed. DriveNow car might loose the connection, when our staff has to come and move it (150€). 

Customer’s responsibilities: Remember that you are responsible for vehicle’s parking for 48 hours after ending rental. You must park the car in compliance with the current traffic regulatations as well as other regulations applicable to the parking spot. It is not possible to end the rental outside the DriveNow Zone. Temporary parking outside the DriveNow Zone is at your own risk, and requires payment.