Privacy Policy

1 . General

This privacy policy contains the file description as specified in the Personal Data Act. It also contains what is specified in the EU data protection regulation (hereinafter the Data Protection Regulation) for those registered, that is, the controller’s customer and supervising authority.

2.  The controller and controller’s contact information

OP Co-ride Ltd, P.O. BOX 308
00013 OP, Gebhardinaukio 1

The controller’s contact person: Lauri Tolvas

Email address:

3.  Data Protection Officer’s contact information

OP Financial Group’s Data Protection Officer
OP Financial Group (OP)
Postal address: P.O. Box 308, 00013 OP
Email address:

4.  Register name

OP Co-ride Ltd’s customer register for the DriveNow Service

5. The purpose of personal data processing, and legal basis for processing

The purpose of use of personal data

- customer service, customer relationship management (e.g. invoicing and renting) and customer relationship development
- provision and development of OP Financial Group’s services
- monitoring and analysing of service use, enabling the controller to offer tailored content to users
-  opinion polls and market surveys
- fulfilling statutory obligations and any other official rules and regulations
- marketing, competitions and making recommendations
- risk management
- law and traffic enforcement, police investigations or damage claiming

Customer’s personal data may be used for the marketing of OP’s products and services and market research with customer’s permission or when otherwise permitted. Customer’s personal data may be used to make OP’s products and services more personal and targeted, for example by making recommendations and showing customer targeted content within our services.

The controller’s right to process the customer’s personal data is based on a contractual relationship, customer’s consent and a legitimate interest. The processing of a customer’s location data is based on the customer’s explicit consent. Depending on the customer’s phone model, the application may also ask for permission to use the phone’s camera (iOS and Android) and image files (Android), because the service requires you to take a photo of your driving licence.

The controller’s right to process data within the same financial and insurance conglomerate is based, among other things, on the Act on the Supervision of Financial and Insurance Conglomerates.

The controller user designated service providers when processing personal data. Service providers process personal data as assigned by the controller. The primary service providers are Checkout Finland Oy, Opset Oy, DriveNow GmbH & Co. KG (DriveNow), Sixt and BMW.

6. Personal data groups

Basic information

The client's first and last name, title, date of birth, contact information (telephone number, email address, country) Corporate customer’s contact information

Customer relationship information

The classification and liability data of the contractual relationship between the customer and OP Co-ride Ltd/, DriveNow, information about the customer’s driving licence, credit card details, information about the preferred city


Customer’s permission and prohibition regarding the processing of his/her personal data

Agreement and product details

Details of agreement between customer and OP Co-ride Ltd/, DriveNow, and details of OP’s products and services

Customer activity data

Tasks and transactions related to managing the customer relationship (such as renting and invoicing)

Customer preferences

Preferences submitted by the person

Behavioural information

Person’s online behaviour and monitoring of service use

Recordings and content of messages

Various recordings and messages containing information in the scope of secrecy of communication

Information about the vehicle and its location

Reservation data (reservation date, reservation time, reservation address of a vehicle, registration plate of a vehicle , reservation duration)

Rental data as pick up and drop off date, time and place, additional charges, minutes parked and driven, mileages, fuel or charge status

Technical verification data

Identifier provided by a device or application with which the person using it can be identified, possibly with the use of additional information

7. Recipients or recipient groups of personal data

Personal data obtained is handed over to DriveNow GmbH & Co. KG. to provide the DriveNow Service. To see how Drive Now processes personal data, go to The best way to contact Drive Now’s Data Protection Officer is by email

Any personal data obtained may be used within OP Financial Group as permitted by the law. 

8. Transfer of personal data

The controller uses subcontractors for data processing. Data can be transferred, within the scope of the Personal Data Act or other applicable legislation, outside the EU or EEA.

9. Personal data retention period and criteria for determining the period

As a rule, personal data will be processed throughout the contractual relationship. Once the contractual relationship is over, the data will be deleted according to the controller’s standard procedure from OP Co-ride Ltd’s customer register used for the Drive Now Service. Data can also be made anonymous, making it impossible to identify an individual customer.

Once the contractual relationship is over, the controller may use personal data for direct marketing purposes under the appropriate legislation, for example by transferring the personal data to a direct marketing register.

10. Personal data sources, and updating personal data

Personal data is collected primarily from the registered persons themselves. Personal data is also collected when a registered person uses the controller’s service. The controller may also obtain information directly from DriveNow GmbH & Co.KG.

11.  Registered person’s rights

Registered persons have the right to receive the controller’s confirmation whether their personal data will be processed or not, or whether they already have been processed. Registered parties have the right to check their own data stored in the personal data file and to request the controller to correct or remove any incorrect or outdated personal data.

Registered persons may also forbid the processing of their personal data for direct marketing purposes. All of the above requests must be submitted to the above contact person of the controller.

Registered persons considering that their personal data is not processed legally have the right to file a complaint to the supervising authorities.

12. Right to cancel prior consent

If the controller processes the registered person’s personal data on the basis of consent, the registered person has the right to cancel such consent. However, cancelling this consent might disable this person from using the services of DriveNow.

13. Organisation of protection of data file

The controller has taken the necessary technical and organisational steps to protected the data. The controller requires its subcontractors to do the same.

14. Other information


What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files stored on a user’s computer when an online service has been used. Cookies come in two types: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies only exist during the session and are deleted automatically when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies exist for a specific period and remain on the computer also after the session is over unless the user deletes them manually before that.

What cookies does OP Co-ride use?

Our services uses both session and persistent cookies in order to offer data and services that our customers need. Cookies do not damage the user's computer or files.

Users can adjust their browser settings to prevent cookies or to delete any cookies that have been saved in the browser. This may, however, cause problems in the operation of the service.

General statistical information is collected of the service use in order to improve the service. Statistical information on service use includes the following: total number of visitors on the page and page viewings; number of sessions and their average duration; is the user returning to this page or is it the first time; from which website did they arrive on the page; commonest search words; most popular pages; what device was used to access the page; browser versions and the commonest service providers. Collected information is used to provide the service, to give a seamless user experience and improve the service. Information collected from cookies cannot be used to identify an individual person.



Our service uses a remarketing/retargeting function on its website. This enables advertising to users who have displayed an interest in Drive Now advertisements on our partners’ websites. Advertisements on our partners’ websites are based on cookies and observation of online behaviour on our own website.

If users have chosen to enable Google to associate their web and app browsing history with their Google account and to use information from their Google account to personalize ads they see across the web, Google will use data from its signed-in users together with the users Google Analytics data to build and define audience lists for cross-device remarketing. In order to support this feature, Google will temporarily link users personal date with Google Analytics to form an audience.

Google users can customize their ad settings in their own google account of disable personalized ads. 

Google Analytics and ”" analysis tool

The service uses Google Analytics tool, which may store cookies on the user’s device. You can read more about the tool at: ja

Google Maps application

The Service uses the Google Maps application to show the vehicle’s location and the nearest free car. This information is sent to Google anonymously so that no individual customer can be identified. The application saves the location data concerning the drive, and the drive’s duration. The location information concerning the drive or its duration is not sent to Google. You can read Google’s terms and conditions here:

Facebook and Facebook Connect

The service’s website contains Facebook functions, such as the Like button. For more information, please contact:


The service’s website contains Twitter functions.

Additional information:

Google +1

The service’s website uses the Google +1 community’s +1 functionality

For more information, please contact:


The service’s website has embedded Pinterest functions

Additional information: