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Rent a car in Helsinki with DriveNow

DriveNow makes it easy to rent a car at any time while in Helsinki. With hundreds of cars located throughout Helsinki, there is always a car in your area. No car rental stations, no waiting for your car, just find a car near you that you like and rent it! Pricing is also simple: you only pay for the minutes you use the car, and everything is included in the price – insurance, fuel and parking within the DriveNow Zone Helsinki. DriveNow is changing the way car rentals work.

How to rent a car with DriveNow

All of our cars are available only for last-minute rentals; no need to pre-book or to find the latest deal. Just download the DriveNow app, find a car near you, tap to reserve the car, and go – you will have 15 minutes to reach the car. Once at the car, you will be able to unlock the doors with the app and hop in. Before turning ignition, just enter your PIN number and your rental has started. Drive everywhere around Helsinki and once you are done with the car just park it back in the DriveNow Zone in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. Lock and end your rental in the app and continue on with your day. DriveNow makes it simple to drive when you need to!

  • No rental stations
  • No waiting in lines
  • No hidden fees


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Where to find rental cars and to park cars?

  • Helsinki DriveNow Zone
    There are hundreds of rental cars waiting to be rented in and around Helsinki. You will be able to see where you will be able to find the cars in the Helsinki DriveNow Zone below. Also, we specialize in one-way rentals so you will be able to start your rental on one side of the city and end it on the other, or even the airport!
  • Parking guidelines with DriveNow
    With a DriveNow car in Helsinki, do not worry about the parking meter within the DriveNow Zone. You will also be able to park the car in almost every public parking area in Helsinki there are only a few exceptions, you will be able to find them here.
Car rentals at Helsinki Airport

DriveNow also services Helsinki Airport where we have a parking area at the airport where you will be able to start or end your rental, making it easy to get an airport car rental.

DriveNow Car Sharing at Helsinki Airport

Make a DriveNow car yours for even longer,  book an hourly package today!

If you are looking to rent a car for just a few hours DriveNow has hourly packages to make getting around Helsinki for a short period of time affordable and convenient.  All packages include fuel, parking in the DriveNow Zone, insurance, BMW or MINI rental and a fixed number of kilometres1.

You can book any of our hourly packages by using the app. Reserve a car normally, and select an hourly package before opening the car doors. Packages can be canceled anytime until the car is "Unlocked". When you stop while driving with hourly package, remember to set the car to “Park and Keep” mode before leaving the vehicle. This way the hourly package stays active. Packages can also be selected from the car when using customer card.  Please note that the packages cannot be split between reservations. 

3 hours

Just right for unplanned trips – such as taking friends to the airport

 39 €

3 hours drive and park, incl. 150 km1 

6 hours

When you need a car for several hours, such as shopping trips

59 €

6 hours drive and park, incl. 200 km1

9 hours

Perfect for visits for the nearby cities such as Hanko

79 €

9 hours drive and park, incl.300 km1 

24 hours

Enjoy a small getaway with friends or family

99 €

24  hours drive and park, incl. 400 km1 

The DriveNow fleet in Helsinki

There are over a hundred BMW and MINI cars available for renting and driving in Helsinki. Choose a manual or automatic transmission, and go for petrol or electric. DriveNow offers compact cars, SUVs, even the BMW i3. We have a car that is perfect for every occasion.

Hi, I'm Sonja.
I'm a BMW i3.

  • 100% emission-free
  • Simple loading
  • Range assistant and parking assistant

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