DriveNow carsharing

DriveNow Helsinki Airport

Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business our Drive'n'Fly rate is perfect for getting either to or from the airport. No hassle carrying your luggage around or waiting for a taxi, – simply jump in, buckle up, head towards the airport...and arrive relaxed.  Drive any of the cars located in Helsinki to the airport and park it at the designated car sharing parking area in hall P5. 4th floor. You will also be able to find the exact parking area at the airport in the GPS under “Special points of interest”. Or see below how to get there.

DriveNow Helsinki Airport

For all airport trips we charge the normal per minute rate, as well as an airport fee of €7.90.

If you are planning on renting a car at the airport, you can reserve the car 15 minutes before you arrive at parking area P3B, to make sure there is a car before you get there. Then you will be able to drive anywhere and end your rental within the Helsinki DriveNow Zone. For more information exactly where to park you can see the Helsinki parking guidelines.


  1. Set airport (Tutkatie) as your destination in the app before the journey and follow its instructions
  2. OR stay on the left lane and follow signs to T1 and then to P5 when arriving to the airport
  3. Drive to hall P5. DO NOT take a parking ticket, all of the cars have rfid stickers which open the gate automatically
  4. Drive to 4th floor and follow signs to our spots. If all of DriveNow spots are reserved, leave the car as near as possible and let customer service know where
  5. Accept the airport fee and end your rental



  1. Reserve the car in the App and enter your destination
  2. Follow signs to P5 from Terminal 2
  3. Take the first entrance you bump into (A, in P5)
  4. Take the elevator to 4th floor, where you can already see our spots
  5. Start your rental and accept the airport fee
  6. Follow instructions to your destination