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We are excited to announce that DriveNow is now part of SHARE NOW, which is the car sharing area of the new mobility joint-venture of the BMW Group and Daimler AG. Making us the globally leading free-floating car sharing provider.

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Hej and welcome! DriveNow Car Sharing in Helsinki gets you from A to B quickly and cheaply and with full flexibility. 150 BMWs and MINIs are waiting for you!

Discover the benefits of DriveNow

Rent a car from DriveNow Car Sharing in Helsinki exactly when you need one. Choose your favourite car from ten of the very latest BMW and MINI models and jump in! At the end of your journey, simply leave the car wherever you want within the DriveNow Zone. 

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150 BMWs and MINIs: our white fleet for Helsinki

DriveNow Car Sharing offers you fabulous cars for any occasion. Our BMWs and MINIs are all completely different and yet the same – because DriveNow Helsinki has only white vehicles. We just happen to like a look that is minimalistic, elegant and cool at the same time. Hop in! Throughout the DriveNow Zone, there are 150 cars ready and waiting for you.

Hi, I'm Sonja.
I'm a BMW i3.

  • 100% emission-free
  • Simple loading
  • Range assistant and parking assistant

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MINI 3-door
MINI 5-door
MINI Clubman
BMW 2 Series Convertible
BMW i3
BMW 1 Series
BMW 2 Series Active Tourer
BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

Enjoy the flexible DriveNow rates 0.57 € /min*

Driving in Helsinki just got a lot more interesting: stay free and flexible with the DriveNow rate of just 0.57 € /min*. If you need a car for longer book an hourly package at a cheaper rate. 1€ fee is added to every drive to reduce excess to 350€. Refuelling and charging, parking, car tax and insurance are all included at DriveNow Car Sharing. 

Our pricing is 100% transparent: We guarantee that we won't charge you any additional annual or monthly fees.

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Why would I join DriveNow?

DriveNow helps you with your everday life, even through those surprising twists of it! At the same time, it makes special occasions even more special. You can rent a car spontaneously 24/7. Don’t worry about fueling, maintenance or parking fees - we’ve got you covered!

Benefits of car sharing:

 Green Check Mark Drive spontaneously: 
   When it starts raining cats and dogs or when you bought too heavy groceries

 Green Check MarkSave in parking costs and fixed ownership costs:
  Everything is included in the price: you pay only when you use it! You’ can save thousands of euros compared to owning a car. Plus no more stress over maintenance costs

Green Check Mark Do a favour for the environment:
  On average, privately owned cars are parked for over 96 % of time & occupying  public space. A car sharing vehicle replaces 8 private cars. Thanks to car sharing, you can use a (shared) car only when you really need to, you can even choose environmentally friendly options such as an electric BMW i3

Green Check Mark Enjoy some everyday luxury: 
You get to drive with brand new BMW and MINI models

Love on the first journey
DriveNow Car Sharing is the perfect solution for you if you want to be mobile in Helsinki, with no strings attached. Just register, download the app – and get mobile today. Try out DriveNow today and see for yourself!

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

1. Each rental transaction includes fixed number of kilometres. Each additional kilometre costs 0,30 €/km and additional minute costs 0,40€/min.

2. Prepaid Packages

Are packages where you will be able to pay in advance for rental minutes at a discounted rate. Purchased prepaid packages are valid for an unlimited period of time. Prepaid packages are only available for purchase and usage in your DriveNow country. (See FAQ page for more info).

3. Order of Usage for Bonus and Packages Minutes

The DriveNow packages and bonus minutes will be used in the following order: bought minutes with expiration date. Bonus minutes, bought minutes (from a Prepaid Package). For bonus minutes usage, the bonus minutes with the earliest expiration date will always be used first. For the Drive’n Save offer, bonus minutes will also be used before the decreased driving rate. For hourly and experience packages, the bonus minutes will be used only after the hourly or experience package has expired or ended, the trip will then continue at the normal rate. (See FAQ page for more info).

4. Drive'n Save Offers

In the context of Drive’n Save offers, certain vehicles per minute rate can be decreased. These Drive’n Save offers are shown separately in the app and are only valid for that rental. This offer cannot be used for hourly or experience packages and cannot be combined with any other offers. (See FAQ page for more info).

5. On Experience Packages Hourly and Experience Packages

Booked hourly and experience packages are only valid during one rental. Remaining minutes on a package expire at the end of that rental. If Kilometers during a hourly or experience package exceed the included amount, every additional kilometer will cost an additional 0,30 €/km plus the standard minute rate based on model (see price list).