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E.ON Quick Chargers


Fast charge the battery in our cars with the E.ON Quick Chargers. Just 10 minutes of fast charging gives you a significant charging level. Use the break to grab a coffee or stretch your legs.

Before you can use the E.ON Quick Chargers, you must contact our customer service to get your one-time PIN to use for the E.ON. Quick Chargers. The cost of charging is included in the minute price.

How to use Quick Chargers
  1. Drive to an E.ON. Quick Charger. You can find them in the E.ON app or on their website.
  2. Enter the PIN you were given by customer service.
  3. Insert the '50 kW DC, CCS' charging cable into the socket of the car and start the charging on the Quick Charger's touch screen.
  4. Stop the charging on Quick Charger's touch screen when you are ready to go again. Unplug the charging cable and place it in the Quick Charger.