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DriveNow carsharing
How to use Park and keep

When you need to park and lock your car during your rental - use Park and keep!

If you use DriveNow for your shopping trips or day trip outside the DriveNow Zone, you can use the feature 'Park and keep' to lock and keep the car. When you are ready to go again, just swipe open the car in the app.

How to use 'Park and keep'
  1. Park the car and turn off the engine
  2. Get out of the car and close all doors and windows
  3. Open the app and press 'Park and keep'
  4. Wait for the doors to lock and for the front window LED light to turn red


Using park and keep

When you park inside the DriveNow Zone, parking is included in the price for your trip. You just need to make sure to comply with our parking guidelines and the parking rules of the area.

When you park outside the DriveNow Zone, you alone are responsible for parking payment.

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