DriveNow carsharing

Everything included: Drive at DKK 2/min.

The normal price for joining DriveNow is DKK89 and includes 30 bonus minutes free of charge. The price per minute includes everything - insurance, charging and fuel, parking, and access to hundreds of premium BMW 1 Series, MINI Cooper, and BMW i3 cars. After the initial payment, you have several options on how to use DriveNow - pay per minute, Hourly Packages, or the Savings Package. Find out which option suits you best further down this page.

With Drive'n Save (illustrated by the "%" icon in the app) you can drive at as low as DKK 2/min.
(Drive'n Save is subject to availability and valid only for reserved vehicles)

No running costs
icon_carsharing_pricing_no-costs-for-charging-and-parking_black (1)
Charge and refuel at no cost
No parking fees
icon_carsharing_pricing_insurance-and-car-tax-included (1)
Insurance and car tax included

Standard fees

  • Registration

    Standard registration fee

    DKK 89 (30 bonus minutes included)



    DKK 4/min.

    Drive’n Save
    (Subject to availability and valid only for reserved vehicles)

    DKK 2, DKK 2,5 or DKK 3/min.

    Collision Damage Waiver

    DKK 2.500 excess
    Comprehensive cover, incl. theft cover

    DKK 10/rental

    DKK 2.500 excess for 365 days
    - call customer service at +45 7210 8371 to purchase

     DKK 400

  • Parking fees

    Park & Keep
    Make a stop on your route without ending the rental

    Same price as minute rate

    Park & Keep at night
     23.00 to 07.00, Sunday evening to Friday morning


    Reserving a vehicle

    Reservation for 20 minutes

    Free of charge

    Extended reservation
    Max. 8 hours

    DKK 1/min.

    Extended reservation at night
    23.00 to 07.00, from Sunday evening to Friday morning


    Additional fees for special destinations

    Copenhagen Airport
    (If you start or end your rental here)

    DKK 30

    Special areas
    (marked with green on the DriveNow Zone)

    DKK 25

Pay in advance and drive from DKK 2.17/min.

Stock up on minutes! Drive any of our cars at a reduced price with Prepaid Packages.

200 minutes


200 minutes for DKK 2.50/min.

Unlimited validity

300 minutes

DKK 650

300 minutes for DKK 2.17/min.

Unlimited validity

Bonus minutes and Prepaid minutes cannot be used or earned abroad.

Start driving in Copenhagen today!
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Service fees

  • Fees for traffic offences

    Processing of traffic offences

    DKK 150

    Reparking of
    wrongly-parked vehicles

    DKK 500 (+ DKK 25/km, if the car is more than 25 km from the DriveNow office at Skøjtevej 26, 2770 Kastrup)

    Towing away by
    tow company

    As invoiced by tow company (+ DKK 25/km, if the car is more than 25 km from DriveNow's office at Skøjtevej 26, 2770 Kastrup)

    Processing of towed-away vehicles

    DKK 150

    Processing of parking offences

    DKK 150

    Unauthorised cross-border trips (not Sweden)

    DKK 5,000

  • Other fees

    Reopening of blocked account DKK 50

    Service (based on customer error) call-out

    As invoiced (+ DKK 25/km, if the car is more than 25 km from the DriveNow office at Skøjtevej 26, 2770 Kastrup)

    Special cleaning
    (e.g. due to heavy soiling or smoking in the vehicle or other violations)

    DKK 1,500

    Replacement of defective
    DriveNow customer card
    Replacement of DriveNow customer card
    (lost card, etc.)
    DKK 75

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

1 The package is valid for the reserved car on this trip only. DKK 2 for each additional kilometre. If the trip time exceeds the amount of hours included in the package each additional minute costs DKK 4.

2 The minutes in the Savings Package are valid for 30 days from the time of purchase and renews automatically after 30 days (unless cancelled before the end of the 30-day period). The customers debit card will be charged automatically. Customers will not be reimbursed for any minutes not used within the 30-day period and customers cannot transfer any unused minutes to a new Savings Package or other subsequent usage periods. Once the Savings Package minutes have been used in the 30-day period, the price per minute will be updated to the normal price per minute. If bonus minutes are available, these will not be used until the Savings Package has been used up. The Savings Package is activated by clicking ‘Book Now’ and is available for immediate use. The Savings Package can be unsubscribed in the Customer Area on our website at any time.