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Parking rules and guidelines for DriveNow Copenhagen

DriveNow Parking


With DriveNow, parking is included in your price per minute. When you end your rental, the car automatically starts payment for parking.

You are responsible for complying with our parking guidelines as well as the parking rules in the municipality where you park the car. This applies when you park the car temporarily with 'Park and Keep' and when you end your rental.


Ending a rental with DriveNow

When you end your rental, you must be inside the DriveNow Zone. You must end your rental in a public parking spot with no hourly restrictions where the car can stay parked for 2 hours or more.

Remember to check the parking disc in the windshield before you leave the car. If the parking disc shows incorrect time, you must call our Customer Centre and report the error.

The most important rules to remember when you end your rental with DriveNow.


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The car must be parked in a public parking spot where it can stay parked for at least 2 hours. Parking in spots with hourly restricted* parking is not allowed.


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The car must be parked at least 10 metres from intersections. In most intersections, this is marked with a yellow triangle on the pavement.


important parking

You can not park or end your rental in private parking areas, areas with hourly restrictions or in special parking spaces such as car-sharing spaces, taxi spaces or disability spaces.

* Hourly restricted parking means that you can only park the car within a defined and limited period of time

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Park and keep

When you need to park and lock your car during your rental - use Park and keep!

If you use DriveNow for your shopping trips or day trip outside the DriveNow Zone, you can use the feature to lock and keep the car.

When you are ready to go again, just swipe to open the car in the app.

Important information!

Our cars require access to a mobile signal to open and lock. In some parking garages, this signal can be disrupted due to the structure and design of the building, which may result in the car losing its signal. Because of this, we recommend that you use the parking garages and -basements that are included on our list of approved parking garages.

Please note that parking with Park and keep is at your own risk and at your own expense.

What do the signs mean? Find out here.

Public parking spaces
Private parking areas
Hourly restricted parking
Parking info Copenhagen Municipalities

Special areas

In addition to free parking in public parking spots we offer free parking in the following special areas in Copenhagen:

  • Selected multilevel and underground parking garages
  • Selected private parking areas in the Capital Region
  • By all hospitals in the Capital Region


If you are going to or from Copenhagen Airport? Our cars are parked in P7, just a few metres from Terminal 3.


DriveNow Zone

  • The Copenhagen DriveNow Zone stretches all over main Copenhagen, from Hellerup Station in the north to Copenhagen Airport in the south. It also includes satellite areas such as the hospitals in greater Copenhagen, Høje Taastrup Station, Dragør, or DTU. Please note, that the DriveNow Zone is subject to changes.

Blue line defines the border of the DriveNow Zone. This is where our available cars are parked and where you must park the car to end your rental.

Green areas mean that an additional fee will be added to your trip if you end your rental here. The fee applies to all pick-ups and drop-offs at Copenhagen Airport.
Note: You will not be charged for ending your rental in parking garages Lüders (Nordhavn) and Ejler Bille (Ørestad Syd).

Red areas are areas where you cannot end your rental.


DriveNow at Copenhagen Airport

Our parking spaces are located at P7, just a few meters from Terminal 3. Use the parking card located in the armrest between the seats to gain access to the garage. A service fee of DKK40 applies when you start or end your trip at the airport.


DriveNow Car Sharing at Copenhagen Airport
Parking guidelines for Copenhagen

You do not pay for parking when you end your rental, but you have to pay attention to where you park. You can park the car at all public spaces with a time limit of at least two hours, where you would normally pay, but you cannot leave it on private parking spaces, car sharing spaces, and taxi spaces.

Read more about our parking guidelines