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DriveNow carsharing

Hourly Packages

Enjoy the freedom with your 'own' BMW or MINI

Hourly Packages give you more flexibility and a lot more time. The car is yours for a fixed number of hours and each package includes a fixed number of kilometres. Whether you are going shopping or heading out of the city on a longer trip we have an Hourly Package that will suit your need.

Insurance, petrol, charging, and parking inside the DriveNow Zone is always included with DriveNow.

Your 'own' BMW or MINI

Plans for visiting someone outside the city? Or maybe you just feel like taking a road trip into the Danish countryside? With Hourly Packages, you book a car for a fixed number of hours. All packages include insurance, petrol, charging, and parking inside the DriveNow Zone.

DriveNow 3 hours


DKK 300

Electric cars DKK 300
Petrol cars DKK 350

3 hours driving and parking
Incl. 100 km.1 and charge/fuel

DriveNow 6 hours


DKK 400

Electric cars DKK 400
Petrol cars DKK 450

6 hours driving and parking
Incl. 150 km.1 and charge/fuel

DriveNow 24 hours


DKK 500

Electric cars DKK 500
Petrol cars DKK 800

24 hours driving and parking
Incl. 200 km.1 and charge/fuel

DriveNow 48 hours hourly



DKK 1,500

For petrol cars only

48 hours driving and parking
Incl. 400 km.1 and charge/fuel

The package is valid for the reserved car on the current trip only and can only be bought after a reservation has been completed and before the car is opened.
DKK 2.50 for each additional kilometre.
If the trip time exceeds the number of hours included in the package each additional minute costs DKK 4.

How to book an Hourly Package

Open your DriveNow app and follow these steps:


  1. Find and reserve a car
  2. Swipe right and press 'Hourly Packages'
  3. Choose your desired package
  4. Press 'Book package'

The Hourly Package starts after you have entered your DriveNow PIN.


Open app


Note! An Hourly Package starts automatically when you unlock your reserved car. The package cannot be split between reservations and can only be booked after you have reserved a car and before you unlock it.

DriveNow park keep

Press the icon 'Park & keep' in the app when you have parked the car and wait for the car doors to lock. The car is now in 'Park & keep'. Ready to go again? With the app, slide to unlock the car.

Please note, that parking expenses outside the DriveNow Zone are not included in the price.

Read more about parking

Tip! To use 'Park & keep' you are not required to be inside the DriveNow Zone.

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