Use our cars in Copenhagen

Use one of our cars, when you need to roam in Copenhagen. You find the nearest car in the app, get in, an drive. You only pay for the minutes you drive, and there are no recurring costs such as subscripition fees or parking. When your rental is over, you leave the car anywhere in our business area.



Register, and drive!

Before you can drive the cars, you need to register on our signup page. The sign up fee is usually DKK 89, and after this, you have no recurring costs. You get 30 bonus minutes for your first trip when you sign up.

You download our DriveNow app, and upload images of your drivers' licence. We verify your licence as quickly as we possibly can, and send you an email, when you are registered.

You are then ready to drive, and you use the app to find and open the cars.

If your phone doesn't have coverate, you can use your Rejsekort, or the customer card, to open and lock the cars. We will send you the customer card. 

Sounds good? Register, and download the app.

DriveNow App

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Always ready – here's how to reserve your DriveNow car

  • The DriveNow app will display every car in the business area. Select the car you want, and reserve it. You have 15 minutes to get to the car.
  • On the way to the car, you can set the route planning in the car, reduce your excess and much more. When you get closer to the car, you can open it from the app also.
  • When you are next to the car, you must check possible damages, before you start your trip. You can see the damages in the app, and are obliged to report new damages to us.


Open the cars from the distance

All our cars can be open from a distance with the app - reserve the car first, and then press "Unlock car" when you're less than 150 meters from it.

If you take the car without reserving it first, then open it with your Rejsekort or customer card: Hold it over the LED reader in the windscreen. Get in, and the car will guide you on how to assess damages and more before you start.

  • Taking a break

    You are able to park up your car, without giving it back. Simply choose "break" on the display and lock the car using the app or your DriveNow customer card. Wait for a couple of seconds, until the light turns red. The car is reserved for you now for DKK 2 per minute. The parking rate does not apply between 23.00 and 07.00, sunday night to friday morning.

    Did you know? Cars can also be left in parking mode outside the business area. Information about different parking regulations can be found here.

  • Filling up and charging your DriveNow car

    At the end of your rental, you can plug the BMW i3 in to a charging station. As a “thank you”, we will add bonus minutes to you account:
    5 minutes if the battery level is below 50%
    10 minutes if it is under 30%
    20 minutes if it is under 15%

  • Using DriveNow abroad

    Enjoy driving without borders: If you choose to pay by credit card, and once you've accepted the terms and conditions for your particular country, you can enjoy the benefits of car sharing in the eleven DriveNow cities.

Payment by credit card
Only customers who have entered their credit card details as a form of payment are authorised to use DriveNow abroad. Please note that you can not use your Rejsekort for driving in other DriveNow countries.

Cities where you can drive abroad

Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Vienna, Stockholm, London, Milan, Brussels, LisbonCopenhagen,

*Saving packages and bonus minutes are unusable and unattainable while abroad.


Bye for now – simply drop off your car!

When it comes to dropping off your car, you benefit from full flexibility and convenience. You can leave it for free in virtually every public car park within the business area; You don't need to pay for a car park ticket at DriveNow. If special parking rules do apply, these can be found here.

Lock the car using the app or your DriveNow customer card and wait a second or two until the light turns green. 

Business area and parking regulations

  • The DriveNow Copenhagen business area stretches all over main Copenhagen, and includes satelitte areas such as Herlev hospital, Høje Tåstrup station, Dragør and Copenhagen airport Kastrup.
    All our BMW i3 cars can be dropped off anywhere in the Copenhagen business area free of charge, except in private car parks, multi-storey car parks and parking zones with specific parking regulations, such as disabled spaces, no-parking zones, at car sharing spaces or taxi parking spaces.

  • Parking spaces that have a time restriction can be used for free for a short stay of up to 15 minutes. You are not allowed to end your rental in one of these parking spaces.
    Read more about our parking regulations for Copenhagen.

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DriveNow at Kastrup Airport ✈
DriveNow gets you to Kastrup Airport in a jiffy – and gets you easily and quickly back home again at the end of your trip. Take advantage of our Drive'n'Fly rates! A service fee of kr 29 applies when renting a car from, or dropping a car off, at Kastrup. Our parking spaces are located at P7, immediately beneath the underground station in Terminal 3.
Register at DriveNow and set off!
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