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DriveNow carsharing

It’s that easy!

As a customer with DriveNow, you have easy access to hundreds of cars in and around Copenhagen – directly on your phone. With the DriveNow app, you can find and reserve a car, open it and drive directly to where you want to go. When you have parked the car correctly, you lock it and end the trip in the app. Just as easy as that.

You can choose between our BMW i3, BMW 1 Series3-door or 5-door MINI Cooper and BMW X1. You find the cars all over the DriveNow Zone within greater Copenhagen.


How to register

To register for DriveNow you pay a one-time fee of DKK 90. The price includes DKK 90 of credit for your trip so you can get comfortable with our cars.

During your registration, we will ask for your...

  • mobile number
  • email address
  • drivers’ licence number
  • payment information

You complete the registration in our app, where you need to upload images of your drivers' licence. We verify your licence as quickly as we possibly can and send you an email when you are registered. After that, you are ready to drive.

Sounds good? Register today!

Download our app here!

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Find, reserve, and open a car

Registered and ready to drive? Follow these steps and get on the road in no time.


Open the app and find the car you would like to use for your trip.


Press 'Reserve'. The car is now reserved for you in 20 minutes.


Swipe 'Unlock' when you are close to the car. The doors will unlock.
Your payment starts when you have entered your DriveNow PIN.


Get comfortable and enter your PIN in the app or car. You are ready to go!


  • As a DriveNow customer, you can rent cars around the clock with our app. Find, reserve and open any of our cars with a few clicks and be on the road in no time. During your rental, you are free to drive anywhere within Denmark, but you must end your rental inside the DriveNow Zone.
    DriveNow Zone
  • Charging, refuelling, insurance, and parking inside the DriveNow Zone are all included with DriveNow.
    Parking with DriveNow
  • Use the app to plan your trip. If you enter your destination in the app before starting your rental, the screen inside the will show you the way to your destination. 
    DriveNow Tips & Tricks

  • Be sure to check the car for any new damages before starting your rental. If you find new damage on the car, you must inform our customer centre.

Download our app here!

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How to get started driving

Start the DriveNow car
Enter your DriveNow PIN in the app, press the brake pedal and start the car by pressing the START/STOP button in the car. All our cars have automatic transmission.

BMW i3 electric cars
Use the grey handle next to the START/STOP button by the wheel to drive. Choose 'D' to go forward and 'R' for reverse. 

MINI CooperBMW 1 Series and BMW X1 petrol cars
Press 'Unlock' on the gear stick between the front seats. Choose ‘D’ to go forward and ’R’ for reverse.

Need to take a break during your trip?
Park and lock the car without ending your rental with 'Park and keep'. Read more.

Tip! You do not have to be within the DriveNow Zone in order to use 'Park and Keep'. It is only when ending your rental, you need to be within the DriveNow Zone.


When you are ready to end your rental

Park the car in accordance with our parking guidelines and swipe in the app to end your rental. When the light in the front window turns green, your rental has ended. Please note, that it is your responsibility to make sure that the car is parked correctly.


drivenow check mark

Make sure, that the car is parked in a public parking spot with no hourly restrictions and can stay parked for at least 2 hours.


important parking

Park the car at least 10 metres from intersections. In most intersections, this is marked with a yellow triangle on the pavement.


important parking

You are not allowed to end your rental in private parking areas (see list of exceptions), areas with hourly restrictions or in special spaces such as car sharing spaces, taxi spaces or disability spaces.

DriveNow Zone

  • The Copenhagen DriveNow Zone stretches all over main Copenhagen, from Hellerup Station in the north to Copenhagen Airport in the south. It also includes satellite areas such as the hospitals in greater Copenhagen, Høje Taastrup Station, Dragør, or DTU. Please note, that the DriveNow Zone is subject to changes.

Blue line defines the border of the DriveNow Zone. This is where our available cars are parked and where you must park the car to end your rental.

Green areas mean that an additional fee will be added to your trip if you end your rental here. The fee applies to all pick-ups and drop-offs at Copenhagen Airport.
Note: You will not be charged for ending your rental in parking garages Lüders (Nordhavn) and Ejler Bille (Ørestad Syd).

Red areas are areas where you cannot end your rental.


DriveNow at Copenhagen Airport

Our parking spaces are located at P7, just a few meters from Terminal 3. To gain access to the garage, simply drive up to the barrier and wait for it to open. A fee of DKK40 applies when you start or end your trip at Copenhagen Airport.


DriveNow Car Sharing at Copenhagen Airport
Parking guidelines for Copenhagen

You do not pay for parking when you end your rental, but you have to pay attention to where you park. You can park the car at all public spaces with a time limit of at least two hours, where you would normally pay, but you cannot leave it on private parking spaces, car sharing spaces, and taxi spaces.

Read more about our parking guidelines