Corporate Carsharing for your business

Sustainable and cost-efficient Carsharing

DriveNow offers small and large companies ultimate flexibility and freedom when driving to and from the airport, the meeting or between offices. With DriveNow for business, you and your colleagues can find a DriveNow car via the app and go anywhere - no need to wait for a taxi anymore. Click the icons below to read more about Corporate Carsharing with DriveNow. 

Implemented in a blink of an eye 

Are you ready to get started using DriveNow for business? Choose how you wish to proceed.

1. Fill out and send us the partnership agreement


2. Let us contact you

  • Tell us more about your company through the contact form on this page
  • We will contact you as soon as possible


Read our guide on how to add your company credit card to your profile if you are a one-person business and wish to use DriveNow for your business.


No running costs

There will be no running costs when your employees have signed up for DriveNow. You will only pay for the trips you take. Our standard price is DKK 4/min. and includes parking, electricity, petrol and maintenance.

Keep track of your expenditures 

The user of the car chooses whether to use their private or corporate account. You can choose between three different options for payment: 

  • Private payments
  • Individual company credit cards
  • Invoices

Contact us at firma@drive-now.dk to learn more about our different options for payment. 

Enquiry for an individual company solution