• Registration
    • To drive the cars, you need to register on our registration pages, or drop by our office at Trommesalen 7, 1614 Copenhagen V.

      We need to ensure that you have a valid driver's licese as well as a valid credit card, before you can use the cars.

      Enter your data, then download the app, where you upload images of your drivers' license. We confirm the images as quickly as possible, and off you go.

  • DriveNow Zone and parking
    • The DriveNow cars do not have fixed locations for pickup or for the end of trip.
      They can be found all over the DriveNow Zone, and you take and leave them where it fits you – all you need is to park in accordance with the current parking guidelines.

    • You find the cars when you open the app. The car closest to you will be displayed, and you can reserve it straight away.
      We recommend that you reserve, since it will help you to get in the car quicker.

    • You park as if you used your own car. The most significant difference is that you park for free on public parking spaces w. payment, with a time limit with two or more hours.
      You can also use a number of private parking spaces.
      You cannot park at car sharing spaces, or at spaces reserved for electrical cars with a time limitation less than one hour.

      To help with this, we have created a parking guide, placed in the glove department.

    • To park and keep the car- if you pick up kids, or do groceries, for example, select “Park and keep” in the app, when you have shut off the engine and left the car.
      The cost depends on the minute rate, unless you park between 23.00 and 07.00, Sunday evening to Friday morning, where it is free.

      If you park in a parking house behind a barrier, you are responsible for added parking costs.

    • You leave the car according to the parking regulations, and close it with the app. The app will inform you that the trip is finished, and you will get an invoice on your email.
      The car will let you know if you park in a special area, where a fee will be added to the rental.

  • Payment
    • You pay when you have entered your pin code in the car, and have pressed ”OK”. You don’t pay for your reservation (unless it is more than 20 minutes, and you have prolonged the reservation), or for the time it takes to e.g. load goods into the trunk. 
      You pay until you have swiped "Lock car" in the app, and the app has informed you that the rental is over.

    • The price per minut includes

      • Electricity
      • Insurance
      • Parking

      You have no running costs, but might be charged for parking tickets and speeding tickets, and you have an excess on DKK 5.000 if you damage the car.

    • Bonus minutes are free driving minutes. You get 30 bonus minutes when you sign up and can get more if you charge the car when the battery is almost flat.
      5 minutes, if the battery level is below 50%
      10 minutes, if it is below 30%
      20 minutes, if it is below 15%
      To see the battery status on the screen behind the steering wheel, press the button on the blink lever. You might need to press more than once.


  • The car itself
      • IT has fewer gears than other cars: You select F for Forward, R for reserve, P for park or N for Neutral. The gear lever is located behind the steering wheel in the right side.
      • It accelerates faster than most other cars, so use the gas pedal with caution.
      • It brakes by itself: When you lift the foot from the gas pedal, the engine works as a dynamo: It generates power and helps you to get more mileage from the battery. Therefore, the normal brake pedal can be a bit more forceful than in other cars.

      You operate the car's system with the wheel between the front seats. Turn, press and tilt it.

    • The handle for the rear doors are silver, and are located roughly next to the headrest in the cars, on the front edge of the rear door.

    • If the car is charging when you arrive, then open the car with the app. Remove the cable from the car first, and then the charging station. If the cable is dirty, use the disposable gloves we have placed in the trunk.

    • You charge the car by connecting the car to a charging station, with the cable in the trunk.

      Open the trunk, and take the cable. Open the charging port on the car with a little push, and insert the blue end of the cable.
      Hold the icon of the other end on top of the charging station. The port opens in the charging station, and you can insert the red end.
      If the charging port on the car blinks blue, the car charges.

      You will get bonus minutes of the battery level is below 50%.

  • Damages
    • When you reserve the car, you will get an overview of the damages in the app. It is your task to investigate if the car has more damages than the app displays, to ensure that you are not blamed for other users' damages. We recommend that you always take a walk around the car to see any significant damages before you get in.

      If the car has more damages than the app displays, then call customer service for free at +45 7210 8371 to report them.

    • Then you are obliged to call customer service at 8025 3222 to describe the damage, and how it has appeared – for example if another car or bicycle hit you.

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