DriveNow carsharing

Parking guidelines for the DriveNow Zone of Copenhagen

  • Park & Keep
  • End rental
  • Electrical vehicle parking spots

  • Park & KeepOnly electric vehicles
  • End rentalOnly electric vehicles
  • Public parking spots
    (Street parking or public car parks)

  • Park & Keep
  • End rental
  • Time restricted parking spots with at least 2-hour parking limit
    (Be sure to check the parking disc)

  • Park & Keep
  • End rental
  • Multilevel parking garages
    Underground parking garages
    Parking spots behind barriers
    Residential parking

  • Park & KeepRequires payment from user
  • End rental
  • Parking for disabled
    Taxi parking
    Car sharing parking spaces

  • Park & Keep
  • End rental

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  • DriveNow_avoid_fines_SingleImg

You can park on selected private parking areas in Copenhagen. See the list here:

Please notice: You must park the car in compliance with the current traffic regulations as well as other regulations applicable to the parking spot. It is not possible to end the rental outside the DriveNow Zone. Temporary parking outside the DriveNow Zone is at your own risk and requires payment.