DriveNow carsharing

DriveNow Car Sharing Hourly & Daily Packages

How to book Hourly & Daily Packages


  1. Reserve a car
  2. Swipe right to hourly or daily packages
  3. Select the hourly or daily package you want
  4. Confirm settings

It's just that easy! With each package you will be able to see how many kilometers and how many hours are included in the package! We make it easy to get a car for the exact time you need one. 


Open the app


Park & Keep

During your hourly or daily package you may need to park the car without ending the rental. To do this, park the car and swipe 'Park & Keep' in the app, (similar to locking the car). Then get out of the car and select 'Lock Car' in the app. The car will then be parked and locked, with your hourly package still ongoing. Once you return from your break, select 'Unlock Car' in the app and start driving again. Its just that easy!

Long drives that don’t cost the earth

Ideal for longer drives and spur-of-the-moment days out. Apart from driving and parking minutes, each package includes a fixed number of kilometres6. You can book any of our Hourly Packages during your current reservation by using the app. For a spur-of-the-moment booking, just select the Hourly Packages from the vehicle.
*Please note that the packages cannot be split between reservations.

3 hours
29 €

3 hours drive and park, incl. 80 km1,6,8


6 hours
54 €

6 hours drive and park, incl. 120 km1,6,8


9 hours
79 €

9 hours drive and park, incl. 200 km1,6,8


Start driving even longer with DriveNow packages
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1. General & Mandatory 1 EUR Reduce Excess (CDW) Package
All prices include VAT. DriveNow rates are priced according to model, rental period and time of day. For trips from the airport to the city can the
Minute price also vary depending on the current demand. Each rental includes 200 km, every additional km will be charged an additional 29 ct/km. Hourly and experience packages may have different amount of kilometers included. The cost of 10 cents per minute for extended reservations also applies even if the rental is never started. In addition to the displayed price per minute, a fee of € 1 will charged for each rental which includes the Collision Damage Waiver coverage insurance (CDW), which reduces the deductible from € 750 to € 350. Limitation of liability is equivalent to comprehensive car insurance coverage. The CDW € 1 does not apply to previous customers who bought an annual CDW package. The CDW € 1 is also included on all prepaid and savings packages. (See FAQ page for more info)

2. Drive'n Save Offers
In the context of Drive’n Save offers, certain vehicles per minute rate can be decreased. These Drive’n Save offers are shown separately in the app and are only valid for that rental. This offer cannot be used for hourly or experience packages and cannot be combined with any other offers. (See FAQ page for more info)

3. Prepaid Packages
Are packages where you will be able to pay in advance for rental minutes at a discounted rate. Purchased prepaid packages are only valid for a limited period of time. Prepaid packages are only available for purchase and usage in your DriveNow country. (See FAQ page for more info)

4. DriveNow Prepaid Package + € 100 Sixt Voucher (Sixt Prepaid Package)
All DriveNow prepaid packages and Sixt prepaid package minutes have a 90-day expiration date. If the minutes are not used within the 90 days no reimbursement will apply. If bonus minutes are credited to an account they will only be used after the Sixt prepaid minutes have all been used or expired. Each rental includes 200km for every additional kilometer driven starting at 201 kilometer an additional fee of 29ct/km will be charged. Sixt prepaid packages can only be purchased and used in your own DriveNow country. b) You will receive your personal Sixt voucher within 24 hours after purchase via e-mail. The voucher can only be redeemed online, by going to the Sixt website, or booking over the confirmation email or by logging into your account at DriveNow. You can book at regular Sixt conditions directly via With the Sixt voucher changing a booking and paying for the reservation with cash is not allowed. This voucher cannot be combined with any other vouchers. The voucher can only be used for one rental (voucher is unable to be split for different rentals). Online prepaid rates and corporate rates are excluded. The voucher is valid for 24 months. (The rental must end on the last day of validity) (see price list)

5. Savings Packages
When booking a savings package online whether a 60, 125, 240 or 500, you'll be driving all DriveNow cars at the same price. All savings packages are valid for 30-days after activation. The price of the savings package is a flat rate for 30 days. The minute usage of DriveNow are completely covered within the 30 days period up to the certain amount of minutes in the package. Unused minutes after the 30 days will not be refunded and are not transferable. Once the savings package minutes within the 30 days have been used the regular per minute rates will apply. Using more than one savings package simultaneously is not possible. If bonus minutes are on an account, they will only be used after the savings packages has been fully used. If you book an hourly or experience package in the car, the minutes of the savings package will only be used after the completion of the hourly or experience package. A savings package will immediately be activated after clicking the "buy now" button on the website. If a savings package has already been activated, a new package will not be available until the 30 day period has expired. The contract on the savings package is limited to the 30-day term. The savings package automatically renews after 30 days. A savings package can be terminated by one of the parties before the 30-day term online on via the DriveNow website. Once a savings package is renewed the customer will receive the new minutes on the first day of the new period. The payment for this is to be paid by the customer according to the price list. When exceeding 200 km per single rental agreement, an additional 29 Ct / km will be charged starting on the the 201st km. Savings packages are only available for purchase and ussge in your own DriveNow country. (see price list)

6.(On Experience Packages Webpage) Hourly and Experience Packages
Booked hourly and experience packages are only valid during one rental. Remaining minutes on a package expire at the end of that rental. If Kilometers during a hourly or experience package exceed the included amount, every additional kilometer will cost an additional 29ct/km plus the standard minute rate based on model. The 48 hour package price varies depending on day of purchase: Monday - Wednesday 159 € and Thursday-Sunday 199 € (see price list)

7. REWE Experience Package
When you book the REWE Experience Package and you park a DriveNow car within 150 meters of a participating REWE store and select "Park & Keep”, you will receive 5% discount on your REWE purchase once you present the REWE discount card at the cashier. Items which are excluded from the discount are : books, magazines, newspapers, tobacco, deposits, Tchibo items, iTunes-, Phone- and gift cards. Up to 30 minutes of your parking time at REWE will also be refunded if you enter the code on your REWE receipt in the car screen. (See REWE Page)

8. Order of Usage for Bonus and Packages Minutes
The DriveNow packages and bonus minutes will be used in the following order: bought minutes with expiration date. (Savings Package and Sixt Prepaid Package), Bonus minutes, bought minutes (from a Prepaid Package). For bonus minutes usage, the bonus minutes with the earliest expiration date will always be used first. For the Drive’n Save offer, bonus minutes will also be used before the decreased driving rate. For hourly and experience packages, the bonus minutes will be used only after the hourly or experience package has expired or ended, the trip will then continue at the normal rate. (See FAQ page for more info)