DriveNow carsharing

DriveNow Cologne Airport Car Sharing ✈


DriveNow makes it simplier then ever to get to Cologne Airport, with DriveNow Drive'n Fly service. You will be able quickly drive to the Cologne Bonn Airport at an affordable price! No more pulling you luggage around, or waiting for a taxi, just find a DriveNow near you and head towards the airport. 


Get to the airport with just 3 easy steps

1. Open the app and reserve a DriveNow
  • Choose between MINI and BMW models
  • If you are flying with a lot of luggage we would reccomend reserving MINI Clubman, BMW X1, or a BMW 2 Active Tourer
  • In the GPS select "Special Destinations" and select Airport
2. Drive towards Cologne/bonn Airport and Follow the signs to P2 parking area
  • The barrier for P2 will open automatically
  • Then follow the Carsharing signs to the special parking area
3. Park the car and end your rental 
  • Simply park in the designated Carsharing parking area.
  • Airport location fee : 4 €

Where to pick-up and drop-off at Cologne Airport



  • Drop-off:
    1. Follow the signs to Arrivals / Terminal 2.
    2. Follow the signs to Terminal 2 while staying in the right lane.
    3. Drive past Terminal 2 and follow the signs to P2 / Carsharing.
    4. No ticket is required for entering the car park P2. The barrier is equipped with a camera that recognizes our license plates and will automatically open. 
    5. On the 3rd Level there are 50 designated parking spaces exclusively for DriveNow vehicles.
    6. Turn off the car and finish the booking.

    1. Once you land safely, reserve your desired car in the app.
    2. In the terminal follow the signs to parking garage 2 (P2) / Carsharing. You will be able to find the DriveNow cars on the 3rd level.
    3. Unlock the car and start you rental.
    4. To leave the parking garage no ticket is necessary, just wait a few seconds and the barrier will open.
    5. Then just park the car back in the Cologne DriveNow Zone or the Dusseldorf DriveNow Zone.
Find your car at the airport!
If you are standing next to a car and want to find that exact car in the app you will be able to use the search function in the app to search for cars by the license plate number. Start reserving cars at the airport easier!