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DriveNow Car Sharing in Hamburg

Moin! Do you fancy cruising through Hamburg in a stylish set of wheels? Or are you looking for something zippy to nip to the shops? Or maybe you need to get to the airport at the drop of a hat? No problem!

DriveNow car sharing in Hamburg gets you around the Hanseatic city quickly and flexibly, whenever you need to. You can choose your favourite from among eleven of the very latest BMW and MINI models.

560 BMWs and MINIs in Hamburg

Hamburg definitely has a lot to offer! The Hanseatic city not only has its fair share of top sights, but DriveNow car sharing has now added another 560 the form of the very latest cars from BMW and MINI.

Are you an automatic kind of person, or manual? The choice is yours! We've even got electric cars at DriveNow! You can decide which car's the right one for you at the drop of a hat!

Hi, I'm Leonardo.
I'm a BMW i3.

  • 36ct per minute
  • 100% emission-free
  • Range assistant and parking assistant

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DriveNow Car Sharing Flexible Rates in Hamburg

This makes driving in Hamburg more fun: The DriveNow rate of 331 cents per minute* means you're fully mobile, yet no strings attached. Fuel costs, parking tickets, insurance and car tax are all included in the rental rate. There aren't any ongoing annual or monthly fees, either.

DriveNow Car Sharing Hamburg
Rothenbaumchaussee 38 20148 Hamburg Deutschland +49 180 6 29 29 290 +49 180 6 75 75 15

DriveNow Zone and parking regulations

  • The DriveNow Zone in Hamburg stretches from the Außenalster area in the north to the Elbe in the south, and from Altona in the west to the Wandsbeker market in the east. All DriveNow MINIs and BMWs can be dropped off anywhere in the Hamburg DriveNow Zone free of charge.

  • All DriveNow MINIs and BMWs can be dropped off anywhere in the Hamburg DriveNow Zone free of charge, except in private car parks, multi-storey car parks, parking spaces with time restrictions (with parking disc) and parking zones with specific parking regulations, such as disabled spaces, no-parking zones or taxi parking spaces.

    Read more about our parking regulations for Hamburg.



Our experience packages for Hamburg

As a DriveNow car sharing customer in Hamburg, you can benefit from some great offers! We have put together a range of Experience packages in association with our partners, which bring you some great deals, as well as great driving. For further details, simply click on the package you're interested in!

REWE Package – save 5% and receive up to 30 bonus parking minutes

Tired of lugging your grocery shopping back home? Our REWE Package not only lets you take your shopping back home – anywhere within the Cologne DriveNow Zone – but it saves you money, too! You can enjoy a 5% discount and 30 parking minutes free of charge for shopping at REWE7.

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