DriveNow Carsharing in Köln

  • The map below shows you the entire DriveNow Zone in Cologne. DriveNow makes it easy  to use car sharing in Cologne with the DriveNow Zone covering the most popular areas. You will be able to drive anywhere once you start your rental, the map only shows the parking area.

    The registration locations are also indicated on the map, where you can pick up your DriveNow card.
  • What do the colors mean
    Within the blue line - Area where cars can be found and parked.
    Turquoise – DriveNow Zone where you can park the car, but additional fees may apply.
    Red – Not allowed to end rental
    (Bonus minutes can be earned in some cases from driving a car from the blue area and parking it within the blue line. This is only available for selected vehicles, the cars are displayed with a percentage sign in the app if they are eligible to recieve bonus minutes.  Airport Excluded)

    Additional fees for special destinations
    Cologne Airport: 4 € (at start/end of rental)
    Trip from Cologne to Dusseldorf : 8 € (end of rental)
    Trip from Cologne to Porz: 5 € (end of rental)
    Trip to Düsseldorf Gerresheim: 3€ (end of rental from Cologne)