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DriveNow at Cologne and Dusseldorf Airport

Whether you're setting off on holiday, travelling on business or just want to get home as quickly as possible, our Drive'n Fly rate is perfect for getting either to or from the airport. No hauling luggage around, no stress, no jostling – simply jump in, belt up, set off...and arrive relaxed. Drive any of the cars located in Cologne to the airport and park it at the designated car sharing parking at Parkhaus 2 on level 3. You’ll also be able to find the exact parking area at the airport in the GPS under ‘Special points of interest’.
Car sharing Köln Airport DriveNowFor all airport pick up and drop off trips we charge an airport fee of €4 in addition to the standard per minute, hourly or daily rate.
If you’re planning on renting a car at the airport, reserve the car through the app 15 minutes before you arrive at Parkhaus 2 on level 3. Then you will be able to drive anywhere and end your rental within the Cologne DriveNow Zone. For more information exactly where to park you can see the Cologne parking guidelines

Where to pick-up and drop-off at Cologne Airport


1. Follow the signs to Arrivals / Terminal 2.
2. Follow the signs to Terminal 2 while staying in the right lane.
3. Drive past Terminal 2 and follow the signs to P2 / Carsharing.
4. No ticket is required for entering the car park P2. The barrier is equipped with a camera that recognizes our license plates and will automatically open. 
5. On the 3rd Level there are 50 designated parking spaces exclusively for DriveNow vehicles.
6. Turn off the car and finish the booking.



  1. Once you land safely, reserve your desired car in the app.
  2. In the terminal follow the signs to parking garage 2 (P2) / Carsharing. You will be able to find the DriveNow cars on the 3rd level.
  3. Unlock the car and start you rental.
  4. To leave the parking garage no ticket is necessary, just wait a few seconds and the barrier will open.
  5. Then just park the car back in the Cologne DriveNow Zone or the Dusseldorf DriveNow Zone.
Cologne Airport Wegweiser


Dusseldorf Airport

Returning Car: 

  1. Follow the signs to "Parkhaus P7/Carsharing" 
  2. Proceed to level 4 and follow the signs to the DriveNow parking spaces          
  3. The gate to the carsharing area opens automatically     
  4. Park car and end booking        


Picking Up Car:    

  1. Reserve car via app  
  2. Follow the signs to "Parkhaus P7/Ebene 4"     
  3. Follow the Exit signs (the gate to the carsharing area and the Exit gate open automatically)


DriveNow Dusseldorf Airport Drive N Fly Carsharing


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