DriveNow carsharing

DriveNow at Berlin Airports Schönefeld and Berlin-Tegel

Berlin Schönefeld Airport


  1. Please follow the signs "P6 Langzeit".
  2. The barrier to the car sharing area opens automatically (no parking ticket necessary)
  3. Then, finish the booking on the marked DriveNow parking spots on the left.


  1. Please follow the signs to parking area “P6 Long Term parking”.
  2. Find the designated parking area for DriveNow and find your vehicle.
  3. Enter your pin and start driving. ( the barrier will open automatically when leaving)



Car Sharing Berlin Schönefield Airport
Berlin-Tegel Airport


  1. Follow the signs towards the car rental center and terminal A & E.
  2. Once you are near the car rental center follow the signs towards P2 parking area.
  3. The DriveNow parking is located at P2 on the top deck (the barriers will open automatically)
  4. Park in any of the DriveNow designated parking space



  1. Pre-book the DriveNow car.
  2. Follow the signs to parking area P2 which can be found near terminal D
  3. Find your car (the license plate number is shown in the app)
  4. Drive to the city and park the car back in the Berlin DriveNow Zone
Carsharing Berlin Tegel Flughafen Weg


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