DriveNow carsharing

Learn everything about the DriveNow PIN

When you register for DriveNow you will be asked to create a PIN number. Remember this PIN, it will be needed for every trip with DriveNow. The PIN is a four digit number which needs to be entered in the app or inside the car screen, before you can start the engine. The PIN is a security measure, just in case someone tries to use your account.

You can enter your DriveNow PIN directly in the app. And it gets even better: Save the PIN with Touch ID/Face ID or Fingerprint to make your future trips even more

Have you forgotten your PIN?

No worries, our customer service is available 24/7 and they will be able to help you reset your PIN within a few minutes. Call our customer service
0800 60 163  Please have your security question and your driver's license ready.

Customer service will send your PIN number with a text message so you will be able to use the new PIN immediately.