DriveNow carsharing

Safe travelling with children

All of our BMW DriveNow cars come with a booster seat included to make life a little easier and to help you comply with driving regulations. These are for use with children between 3 and 12 years. They are tested and approved according to ECE R44 / 04 standards. It is recommended to use booster seats until a kid is 135 cm tall. All our booster seats are specially shaped to be comfortable, even on longer journeys.

The DriveNow booster seats are included in all our BMW models. If you can´t find your booster seat, it may be in the trunk of the car. It  may already be installed, but if not it is very easy: 

  1. Place the booster on the car seat.
  2. These are front-facing booster seats, so make sure the arm rests are pointing towards the windscreen!
  3. The seats should only be used in the rear of the car, so take care when installing the booster seat.
  4. Once your child is seated, make sure you put the seatbelt on as you normally would – it should click.
  5. The diagonal part of the belt goes over the shoulder and over the armrest of the booster seat.
  6. Make sure the lap part of the seatbelt goes as low across the waist as possible to make sure your child is sat properly upright and to improve safety.
  7. Take extra care to make sure that the belt is properly fitted and not twisted!


All DriveNow cars are also compatible with Isofix standard booster seats, making it simple to fit in and drive if you decide to use your own baby seat!