Tips & tricks for using DriveNow's app and cars

Relax behind the wheel with DriveNow car sharing: our tips & tricks will make sure you're always up to date. These practical tips for using our app, as well as our BMW and MINI, will make sure that you arrive at your destination quickly.

Search for your preferred car


With our new car filter you will be able to search for the right car for your needs near you. Whether you would like to to have a convertible for a trip to the lake, a larger vehicle for shopping or want to drive electric for a day, the new car filter makes it easy to find the best car in the area.

You will be able to filter cars by model, transmission, fuel type, charge level and fuel level. The first time you use the car filter, these settings will be saved for the next time you open the app. The only exception is if you change your city, which causes the filter settings to be reset, because each city has different vehicles and conditions. If the filter is active you will be able to see this once you open the app. You will easily be able to reset the filter at anytime, to help find the best car for you at that moment.