Tips & tricks for using DriveNow's app and cars

Relax behind the wheel with DriveNow car sharing: our tips & tricks will make sure you're always up to date. These practical tips for using our app, as well as our BMW and MINI, will make sure that you arrive at your destination quickly.

Handy tips for your journey with DriveNow


The BMW and MINI controller lets you control your DriveNow car intuitively while you're driving, without looking – making sure that you keep your eyes peeled on the road. The controller dial is located in the central console in BMW.

And whilst we're talking about finding things – the button for folding the wing mirrors in and out on the MINI is often a mystery for drivers. You need look no further – it's tucked away beneath the door handle! You can move the button to adjust the angle of the mirrors, and to fold the mirrors in or out, all you need to do is turn the button completely over to the right