DriveNow prices at a glance

With DriveNow car sharing you get the perfect car exactly when you want it – and you still stay completely flexible! Find out all about our prices for driving BMW and MINI, the DriveNow packages, partner benefits and additional fees such as our Drive’n’ Fly rate.

All-inclusive: peace of mind for you and your wallet

Enjoy the advantages of your DriveNow car sharing membership: you have no running costs for car insurance, car tax, etc., you can refuel or recharge your vehicle when you need to at no extra charge and you can leave the car free of charge anywhere in our DriveNow Zone.

No running costs
Refuel at no charge
Insurance and car tax included

Standard fees

  • Registration

    Standard registration fee

    € 29


    BMW Série 1, MINI, MINI Clubman 

    33 ct/min*

    MINI Convertible (Summer)
    (1 April to 31 October)
    36 ct/Min*
    MINI Convertible (Winter)
    (1 November to 31 March)
    33 ct/Min*
    BMW i3, BMW Série 2 Active Tourer 36 ct/min*

    Drive'n Save
    Subject to availability and valid only for reserved vehicles

    24 ct/min*

    Collision Damage Waiver

    950 € excess

    Free of charge

    500 € excess

    € 1/rental

  • Parking fees

    Stop off en route without ending the rental

    19 ct/min

    Parking, Sun to Thu
    10 PM to 6 AM

    Free of charge

    Reserving a vehicle

    For 15 minutes

    Free of charge

    Extended reservation
    (Max. 8 hours)

    15 ct/min

    Extended reservation
    Sun to Thu, 10 PM to 6 AM

    Free of charge

    Additional fees for special

    Brussels-Zaventem Airport
    (at start/end of rental)

    10 €

Long drives that don’t cost the earth

Ideal for longer drives and spur-of-the-moment days out. Apart from driving and parking minutes, each package includes a fixed number of kilometres. You can book any of our Hourly Packages during your current reservation by using the app. For a spur-of-the-moment booking, just select the Hourly Packages from the vehicle. Please note that the packages cannot be split between reservations. Given the limited number of public charging stations available 24/7 in Brussels, it is not possible to book an Hourly Package with the BMW i3.

3 hours

Just right for unplanned trips – such as taking friends to the airport

€ 34

3 hours drive and park, incl. 80 km**

6 hours

When you need a car for several hours, such as shopping trips

€ 59

6 hours drive and park, incl. 120 km**

9 hours

Great for longer trips, such as days out and about

€ 79

9 hours drive and park, incl. 200 km**

24 hours

Perfect for long journeys, such as weekends away

€ 109

24 hours drive and park, incl. 200 km**

48 hours

Perfect for long journeys, such as weekends away

€ 159

48 hours drive and park, incl. 400 km**

Service fees

  • Fees for traffic offences

    Processing of traffic offences

    € 18

    Reparking of wrongly-parked vehicles

    € 50

    Towing away by tow company

    As invoiced by tow company

    Processing of towed-away vehicles

    € 25

    Processing of parking offences

    € 10

    Processing of damages and accidents € 25

    Special cases – criminal offences
    Criminal traffic offences

    € 150

    Unauthorised cross-border trips

    € 250

    Loss, theft or destruction of the DriveNow fuel card

    € 50

    Unauthorised transfer of customer card € 150
  • Other fees

    Replacement of defective DriveNow customer card

    Free of charge

    Replacement of DriveNow customer card
    (lost card, etc.)

    € 10

    Service call-out

    € 25/hour

    Failure to use DriveNow 
    parking card after entering 
    multi-storey car park

    According to costs, min € 25

    Loss of fuel card/parking card

    € 50

    Special cleaning
    (e.g. due to heavy soiling or smoking in vehicle)

    According to costs, min. € 50

    Repairs to vehicle
    (in violation of DriveNow General T&Cs)  

    According to costs, min. € 50

    Arranging for vehicles to be returned from other DriveNow locations
    (does not apply to trips from Cologne to Dusseldorf and vice versa)

    min. € 250

    Late Fee Reminders First reminder     €   5
    Second reminder € 10

    Blockage of car to recovery lost & found items

    € 10

All prices are inclusive of VAT

 *The price per minute included in the DriveNow Car Sharing rate varies depending on model and rental date.

**29 cents for each additional kilometer, each additional minute charged at pay per minute rate for specific model. Please note that it is forbidden to leave Belgium with your DriveNow car.