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Brussels Public Transportation

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Brussels is an easy city to get around. The public transport system is operated by STIB-MIVB and includes buses, metros, trams. In 2016 almost 370 million trips where done with STIB-MIVB, which makes it one of Belgium´s main public transport systems for one of its most beautiful cities. It is really easy to buy the right ticket: you can get them from a ticket machine, the bus driver, or online


Getting from A to B in Brussels

It could not be more straightforward to get to where you need to be in Brussels. The entire city is covered by STIB-MIVB and offers so many options: metro, buses, and also trams. With DriveNow, you can combine any of the STIB-MIVB services with a one-way car share: just pick up the car at your chosen location and get going! The options for public transport in Brussels include:


The metro-network covers especially the city centre of Brussels. The four big metro lines run frequently: every 3 minutes at peak time, every 10 minutes after 8 pm and every 5 minutes on weekends. To orientate yourself at metro stations, look for the info symbol when you arrive and there will be a map of the street above for you to determine which exit to take.



There’s a total of 50 bus lines that run in Brussels’ city centre but also to the outer parts of Brussels. If your departure point or destination is not very close to a metro station, then taking the bus is definitely a good choice, although they are not running as frequently as metros. Tickets can be achieved from vending machines or from the bus driver himself.

Besides the normal bus lines, there is also a network of night-buses called Noctis, running at night during the weekend, to get you home safely after a long evening.

Some bus lines in Brussels are operated by another player, namely De Lijn, the public transport service of the Flemish Region.


The metro and bus-lines are supplemented with 17 tram lines. They are similar to bus and metro but are slightly slower than the metro and more frequent than a bus. The tram lines run along the street and sometimes on the same line as cars.

At each public transport station, arrival times, departure times and stops are shown. Most of the time there are also convenient street maps available, in order to locate yourself.


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