DriveNow carsharing

DriveNow Car Sharing - Parking in Brussels

How to park correctly in the streets of Brussels

You know how flexible DriveNow is – simply find your car, drive it and drop it. There are no designated drop off points, just leave the car on any public legal parking spot within the DriveNow zone for free. However there are several rules that need to be respected.


Park your DriveNow and end the rental

Once you arrived at your destination, you can end your rental by using the DriveNow app. In order to end your rental, you need to:

  • Be in the DriveNow zone
  • Be in a green, blue or grey parking zone: Don’t worry, those parking zones (created by the communes) cover most of the streets of Brussels
  • Not be located in a red or orange parking zone
  • In order to identify the parking zone, you have to look at the street signs, or at the colour of the banner on the parking ticket machine


Take a break

If you quickly need to go to a shop, but would like to continue your rental, then you can choose “Park & Keep” on the app or on the screen of the car.

  • You can use the “Park & Keep” option both, inside and outside of the DriveNow zone. Please note: if you park your car outside the DriveNow zone, you are responsible for the parking costs
  • When the DriveNow car is in the "Park & Keep" mode you only pay 19 cts/minute instead of the normal rate
  • You are not allowed to park in red or orange parking zones

Special locations where you can leave your DriveNow

There are several reserved parking spots for DriveNow or for car sharing companies in Brussels.

  • 12 Interparking garages  DriveNow has a cooperation with
  • DriveNow office at Buro & Design Center (Esplanade 1, 1020 Laeken)
  • Docks Bruxsel (in front on the entrance of Docks, before the Indigo underground parking)
  • Hospital Chirec Delta ( Follow the signs "Emergency" & "Dialyse". There will be 2 gates before you can access the car sharing parking spots. Once at the gates, please call the intercom and someone will open the gate for you, both to enter and exit the parking. Please DO NOT take a ticket and DO NOT park your DriveNow in the Chirec Underground Parking)
  • NATO car sharing (right next to the Bourget station)
  • NATO car sharing (Rue Arthur Maes)
  • Rodebeek car sharing (next to the metro station)
  • Tour & Taxis (take the entrance at Avenue du Port and turn to the left, the parking spots are situated in the middle of this parking area)


  • Handicapped zones
  • Taxi zones
  • Loading zones
  • Restricted parking
  • Red and orange zones
  • Zones marked by a sign that prohibits parking because of a market, event, roadworks or something similar taking place within the next 48 hours*
  • Public or private underground garages (e.g. Qpark, Indigo, Delhaize, Carrefour) other than the 11 partnering Interparking garages in Brussels and Brussels Airport in Zaventem (due to loss of connection in non-partner underground garages)
  •  "Kiss & Ride" zones in front of schools in the commune of Schaerbeek. Find here a detailed list of all the schools having a "Kiss & Ride" zone. 


*After having parked the car, you still are responsible for it for the next 48 hours. That means that you can’t park a car in a place where you would get a fine or where you would be towed within 48 hours. So if there is a market, an event, roadworks or something similar taking place within 48 hours as of the moment the car has been parked - which would be indicated by a special sign - then you are not allowed to park your DriveNow car in that place.


Restricted traffic zones:

Since July 2018, a limited traffic area has been created in Upper Ixelles. This area includes the Chaussée d'Ixelles, between the Chaussée de Wavre and Souveraine Street, but also the streets of Berger, Prince Royal, Francart, St. Boniface and Ernest Solvay. In the commune of Ixelles, we distinguish 2 types of zones with limited traffic:

Zone A (green): DriveNow cars are not allowed to cross this area between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Sunday.

Zone B (purple): DriveNow cars are allowed to cross this area at any time of the day.

Special street signs indicate if a street is located in a restricted traffic area. Please note that in case of non-compliance with the rules, a fine of 58 € will be issued.

Find out more about restricted traffic areas here.