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Airport Transfer Brussels Zaventem with DriveNow

DriveNow offers an affordable alternative to getting to and from Brussels Airport. Whether you are traveling for business or for a family vacation DriveNow offers affordable airport transfers! There’s no carrying suitcases around, no waiting for a taxi and no need to book in advance! All you need to do is find a nearby DriveNow car, unlock it and make your way to or from the airport! It’s quick, simple and affordable! DriveNow is changing the way airport transfers are being done.

How do airport transfers work with DriveNow?


Before starting your DriveNow journey to Brussels Airport, take a look at our map of Brussels DriveNow Zone to see which DriveNow cars are near you.

Choose the perfect car for you and unlock it using the DriveNow app. Your airport transfer has begun. Jump in, enter your PIN and start up the engine. Now drive to Brussels airport and park in our designated parking areas. The rental cost is calculated by the minute – one minute costs between 33 and 36 cents.

✓ Find it
✓ Drive it
✓ Drop it
✓ Fly away

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Transportation to and from Brussels Airport

  • From Brussels City Centre to Brussels Airport
    Our DriveNow cars are located all throughout the Brussels city centre. To get to Brussels Airport, first choose the car you’d like to drive.Head towards the airport, once you get close start looking for signs for parking area P3 Holiday Parking. There you will be able to find the designated DriveNow parking area on level 2. Once driving into the car park, you will be able to lift the barrier with the card located in the armrest. You can park the DriveNow car here for €10. Hop out, grab your luggage and head off to the check-in desk! You don’t need to worry about anything else while you’re away.
  • From Brussels Airport to Brussels City Centre
    Once you land safely at Brussels Airport simply reserve your DriveNow car using the app. Your car is immediately reserved for you for 15 minutes. Head towards the parking area P3 Holiday Parking area (on level 2), located just a few minutes walk from the Terminal! Just hop in, enter you PIN, start the engine and you’re off. Use the card located in the armrest to lift the barrier (you don’t need a ticket). Now you’re all set to go to Brussels city centre. You can park your car anywhere in the green zone in Brussels DriveNow DriveNow Zone.

DriveNow Brussels Fleet

DriveNow offers a wide range of cars to drive to and from Brussels Airport. Our fleet consists of the latest BMW and MINI models, so you are always driving in style. All of our cars include a GPS, and several other features! See our premium fleet below.

Hi, I'm Emma.
I'm a MINI Convertible.

  • Driving pleasure under open skies
  • Electric soft-top opens in 18 seconds
  • Ideal for spontaneous outings to the countryside

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