DriveNow carsharing

Parking guidelines for the business area of Brussels

  • Park and keep
  • End rental
  • Paying or free public parking space
    (Blue and green zones)

  • Park and keep
  • End rental
  • Timely restricted parking
    (Red and orange/yellow zones)

  • Park and keep
  • End rental
  • Parking houses
    Parking garagess
    Parking behind barriers

  • Park and keepAt own expense
  • End rental
  • Handicapped Taxi
    Loading Zones
    Public Transport
    Spots for other Carsharing Companies

  • Park and keep
  • End rental

  • carsharing_brusels_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_Parkernerlaubt
  • carsharing_brusels_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_Disabled
  • carsharing_brusels_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_Garage
  • carsharing_brusels_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_parkverbot
  • carsharing_brusels_howitworks_parkingrules_groessereicons_P

Important: You cannot end your rental outside the business area.
Rule of thumb: You can park at any legal parking space under clear sky and where you don´t get a fine within 48 hours (watch out for the markets).