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Welcome to DriveNow car sharing from BMW and Sixt! We offer a prermium free floating car sharing service in Brussels making it easy to drive in your city stress free. Enjoy Brussels in a brand new light with us: 310 of the latest MINI and BMW models are ready and waiting for you  all over Brussels. The cars are ready around the clock  to get you around Brussels quickly, easily and cheaply. We even offer the electric BMW i3 to drive in Brussels, signup and take all of our cars for a spin. 

Learn How Car Sharing Works!

Using DriveNow car sharing is easier then renting a car. Just find a car near you in our app, reserve the car you want.  Once you are near the car you will be able to unlock the car with the DriveNow app. Hop in the car, enter your PIN number, then push the start button and off you go. No key is needed use our app as the key. Drive where you want in or around Brussels and just park the car in any city parking area in the Brussels DriveNow Zone

Did you know you can also drive to and from the Brussels airport with a DriveNow?
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310 DriveNow Cars Ready to Rent 24/7 in Brussels

Today a MINI, tomorrow a BMW, and the next an Electric BMW i3? Life's never boring with car sharing in Brussels. 310 BMW and MINI are parked all over Brussles just waiting to be driven.  You get to decide which car you need, for each occasion. See all of the cars with have in our fleet in Brussels.


Hi, I'm Leonardo.
I'm a BMW i3.

  • 100% emission-free
  • Simple loading
  • Range assistant and parking assistant

Read more about the BMW i3


Hi, I'm Audrey.
I'm a BMW 1 Series.

  • Up to 1200-litre boot capacity
  • Perfect for family trips and excursions
  • Enjoy spaciousness and comfort

Read more about the BMW 1 Series


Hi, I'm Marcus.
I'm a BMW Active Tourer.

  • Room for everything. Spacious and functional
  • Child's booster seat (in boot)
  • Up to 1,500-litre boot capacity

Read more about the BMW Active Tourer


Hi, I'm Angelika.
I'm a MINI Clubman.

  • A unique, exclusive design
  • Clubman split door for convenient loading and unloading
  • Up to 1,250-litre boot capacity

Read more about the MINI Clubman


Hi, I'm Roberto.
I'm a MINI 3-door.

  • Fresh design
  • New engine generation
  • 30% more boot space

Read more about the MINI 3-door.


Hi, I'm Emma.
I'm a MINI Convertible.

  • Driving pleasure under open skies
  • Electric soft-top opens in 18 seconds
  • Ideal for spontaneous outings to the countryside

Read more about the MINI Convertible

Driving with us starts at 33 ct/min Everything included in the price!

Driving in Brussels has never been so much fun! The DriveNow rate of 33 cents per minute3 lets you stay fully flexible. Refuelling and charging, parking, car tax and insurance are all included with the low per minute rate. 

Our pricing is 100% transparent: We guarantee that we don't charge any additional annual or monthly fees.

Did you know that we also offer hourly and daily packages to make renting a car fit your needs more affordably?

DriveNow Car Sharing Brussels
Brussels Belgium +32 800 60163
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DriveNow car sharing is the perfect solution if you want to be mobile in Brussels, with no strings attached. Simply register, download the app – and start driving! Test DriveNow today and see how car sharing is changing transportation!

All prices are inclusive of VAT

 *The price per minute included in the DriveNow Car Sharing rate varies depending on model and rental date.

**29 cents for each additional kilometer, each additional minute charged at pay per minute rate for specific model. Please note that it is forbidden to leave Belgium with your DriveNow car.