Have you ever wondered when to use DriveNow? Car sharing makes life easier in many everyday situations.  The very latest BMW and MINI models from DriveNow are fantastic to drive, letting you enjoy flexible mobility in the best cars without having to buy or lease one yourself. Our shared cars are a real help in many everyday situations:  A helping hand with heavy shopping 
A DriveNow car is there just when you need one – whether you're picking up a table from the furniture store, buying cans of paint from the DIY shop or fetching drinks for your next party.  Our cars take the stress out of getting your shopping home Ready for take-off?
What do you do when you're running late for the airport, you've just missed the train and there's not a single taxi in sight? Look no further than DriveNow! Locate the nearest available car in the app, pile your luggage into the boot and set off to the airport! We've also got dedicated car sharing parking spaces at the airport to make sure you get straight to the gate.  A trip out to the country in a BMW or MINI 
Suburban trains only get you as far as the end station. So what do you do if your friends live further out? DriveNow Hourly Packages allow you to grab a car and head out of the city – the flexible solution to get you anywhere you want!  A stylish set of wheels
Are you planning to surprise your friends or make a bit of an entrance this evening? If so, choose one of our classy MINI convertible and cruise around to enjoy the sun before making your stylish entrance.  Rev up your career 
It's the first impression that counts! Your interview suit needs to be the perfect fit and absolutely free of creases. Car sharing not only gets you from A to B, but keeps you dry and relaxed in the process! As you're bound to have noticed, the perfect occasion for driving a BMW or MINI is just around the corner. Have fun behind the wheel!