Whether you are going home to visit your family or enjoying a short trip with your friends - with our Easter Special Packages, you can use your dream car for up to four days at a discounted (and very convenient) price! For example, you pay only 89€ instead of 109€ for the 1-day package, costs for fuel, kilometres and insurance all included in the price as usual!

The Easter Special will be available in the app between 10th April and 19th April only.

Our DriveNow Easter packages at a glance*:

✔️ 1-day package for 89€ (instead of 109€) incl. 200 kilometers

✔️2-day package for 129€ incl. 300 kilometers (65€/day)

✔️3-day package for 169€ incl. 400 kilometers (56€/day)

✔️4-day package for 199€ incl. 400 kilometers (50€/day)


This is how you book the Easter Package:

  • With the DriveNow app, simply reserve a car for 15 minutes (for free)
  • Select the package of your choice under "Hourly Packages" directly in the app


Parking: After you have booked your hourly package, the vehicle is yours for the entire period. If you’d like to park the car during your trip, please select "Park & Keep" in the app or on the vehicle screen and lock the car. Of course, you can leave the DriveNow Zone during your rental, but keep in mind that you cannot drive outside Belgium with your DriveNow car. When your trip is over, you can end your rental conveniently wherever you want inside DriveNow Zone.

It’s "all Inclusive": This means that fuel, a generous kilometer allowance and insurance are included in the price! To refuel your car, you will find the fuel card in the central armrest of the vehicle. Click here to learn how to refuel a DriveNow car.

Kilometer allowances: You can drive as long as you’d like. However, keep in mind that if you drive for more kilometers than the included allowance in your package, you’ll be charged 29 cents per extra kilometer.  

You ran out of time? No problem. After your package is expired, you will simply pay the normal fee per minute of the car you are renting.

Hourly Packages: Our affordable packages for 3, 6 and 9 hours will of course be available during the Easter holidays.


We wish you Happy Easter and lots of fun with DriveNow car sharing!


* DriveNow Easter Special is not available for the BMW i3